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The T ABLE. Vag. Commenfurablenefs of the AEir of the three Perfono in the Trinity. 110 Of the diflinll propriety of the three Per- Tons in Believers. 110 Reafons of it. t to Committing the Soul to Chrift, what it it. 79,159 When we fhould do it efpecially. 79 How we Amid do it. ibid. We fhould commit our Bodies to Chrift. 8o Communion with Father, Son,and Holy Ghofl.3 re, Communion with God conflant and habitual, or folemn and fpecial. 358 Difference between Communion with God here and in Heaven. 326 Communion between Saints on Earth, and Saints in Heaven, what it is. 336 Company, Chrifl takes delight in his Peoples . Company. 355 Reafons of ù. 356 Condition: everyConditiou of Life bath its Snares. 214 Confidence in God, to be 'fed in Prayer. 4 Confirmation of Miniflers, the Magiflrates Right. 274 Conformity to Chrift, wherein it tonf all a. 324 Confdence, what keeps it quiet without Chrift. 297 Confubfantiation of the Lutherans difproved.127 Contentment, none in the World for the Heart of Man. 334 Continuance of God's People in the World in a time of Dangerconffent with the Wifdom and Godnfs of God. 210 We fhould be willing to continue in the World ae lo4 as God kith Workfor ets to do. 211 vid. Delire of Death. Why God's People are not continued, but taken out of the World in time of danger.. 211 Converfation worldly, vid. worldly. Conviction of the World of the truth of Chroianuy, the fruit of the MyfliíalOnion. 320 A eat Bleffmg. 311,318 What the Spirit convinceth the loft World ef, viz. Sin, Righteoufnefs and judg- ment. 312, 313. The fruit and fear of the World's Con- viction. , 314 Why Chrift prays fo earneflly for it, 315 God honoured hereby. 315 The advantage of it to the Val. 316 It lef fotos and increafes the World's fsrdg- ment, and how. 317 Arguments toprefì Chriflians fa to live, as IV convince the World. 321 God would bave the World convinced of his Love to his People. 347 Reafons of it. 348 How the Worldfbould be rhos convinced. 347 Convictions nor to be flighted,norrefted in.3 1 8,319 How we may know whether we are con- vinced only, or converted. 319 Covenant of Redemption, the terms of it. 77 What was propofed by the Father in it. I 55 What Chrifl undertook 156 Covetoufnefs one of Judas's Sins. 174 The evil of the Sin. 177 To be avoided. 177 Creatures difcover God. 28, 33 Doting upon the Creatures withdraw the Heart from God. 335 D. Pag. DAnger cannot be withftood by us in oser own Strength. 171 Chrill apprehenfsve of the Danger of his People in this World. 133 Reafons of it, hu Interefl, Love, Charge, Experience. 133 Comfort from hence. 136 Death,defsre of Death. vid. Delire. Death of Chrift, Chrift dial to promote Vni+ ty among Chriflians. 164 Why the Death of Chrill bash fo little Effell upon us. 291 Decay of the Power of Godlinefs brings trouble on the Church. Delight exceffve in worldly things fhews 419 5 worldly Heart. 209 Delires fhow the temper of the Soul. 208 Delire of Death whether lawful, and what De- fires are fo. 212, 213 . Difference between ferious and paffonare Delire of Death. 213 Carnal Delires of Death whence they arife. zia Believers muff be willing to dye. 354 Defpair one of Judas's Sin, 175 To be avoided. 178 Devil, the great Author of the Troubles of the Church. 201, 219. Difference in courfe Of Life provokes wicked Men, efpecially Difference in Religion. Zoo Differtnce between Believers and Men of the World in their Principles, Rule, Converfa- tion, End, Aims. 204 Difrefpeit of the World not to be regar'dEd, and why 225 Hard to be digefled. 224 The bell way to digefl it is to confider Cbrift's Example. 225 DiftraCtion of Man's Thoughts after theFall. 333 This continueth till we retun to God. 334 Divifions in theChurch, how they strife. 163 The mifchief of them. 165, 166 They bring on Trouble. 194 They that promote them,contrary to Cbrifl. 164 Who areguilty of this Sin. 165 Doctrines of the Word fhew it to be from 6°4.260 DoCrinesChriftian, vid. Chriftian. E. E Left, none of them can be loft. 173 Election afpecial Priviledg. 66 Not for forefeen Faith, good Work), or Perfeverance. 364 Original and allual, what. 71 Election of Minilters, the Peoples Right. 273 End, a Man is as his End is. 55 Enjoying ; no enjoying God withom'Chrifl. 30 Envy of others worldly Happinefs, fbewr a worldly Heart. 209 Witked Men envythe Good in others. zot Error makes way forLoofnefs. 232 Efteem of theWorld difcovers a worldly Heart.zo8 Eternal State, the Foundation of it laid in this Life. 370 Evil ; Satan bath an Hand in the Evil that be- fats God's Church and People. 219 Example of Chrift, the heavenlinefs of it. 206 The Courage of it. 206 Experience; Chriff bath Experience of hie Peples Suferings. 134 Faith,