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. SERMONS upon the SERM.VIII. SERMON VIII. MATT H. XXV. y. IO. And while they ment to buy, the Bridegroom came, and they that were ready, went in with him to the Marriage, and the Door was fhut. Hree things are here remarkable: s. The coming of the Bridegroom, while they went to buy. 2. The Entering in, or admiffion of thofe that were ready, into the Marriage Chamber. 3. The fhutting of the Door, to exclude the tea. For the Firfi of there, their going o buy mutt be interpreted ac- cording to the fcope of the Parable ; and fo rt fignifieth their unreadinefs and un- preparednefs for Chrifls coming ; they Were to Peek of Grace, when they had molt need to ufe it : In Parables things' are faid to be done in the day of Judg- ment, which are done in order to, or with refpe& unto that day ; not that men do go and buy Oyl then, Cnc. I might obferve from hence, (a.) The certainty of Chrifis coming : We heard before of a great expeftati- on of his tarrying, of the Cry railed, now of his coming, he really came at latt; but of that point before. (a.) Of the fuddennefs of His coming, by way of furprize on the carnal World : When the carelefs were little ready for him, he came ; when they went to buy, but of that in Verle the s 3th. (3.) I (hall choofe to fpeak now of the ,Quality in which he cometh, he corn - eth as a Bridetroom. 1 DoEt. That the Lord fefus Chrift fhall come to hie People al a Bridegroom, at his fecond coming. Revel. so. 7, q. Let as be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him, for the Mar- riage of'the Lamb is come, and his Wife bath made her felf ready: And he faith un- to me, write, Bleffed are they that are called to the Marriage Sapper of the Lamb. To evidence this unto you, confider there Propofitions : s. That between Chrift and Believers there is a mutual Tye, cogfent and obli- gation each to other; which may be notably reprefented by the Marriage Cove- nant,. Pfa. 45. and If:. 45. 5. and elfewhere : There is a living Relation between Chrift and them, beyond what is between him and others ; a relation not only notional and imaginary, but is really tranfafted between them, as between two parties in the Marriage Covenant : fo Cant. 2. 16. My Beloved is mine, and I am his : Both the parties are mutually, explicitly, and formally engaged, and contraSt- ed to one another ; Chrift to us as Head; we to him as Members of his M fti- . cal Body ; as 'tis real, fo 'tis near, they twain Thall be one flefh, we one Spirit, s Cor. 6. 17. He that is joined to the Lord, is one Spirit : Whole Chrift is ours, we are or fhould be altogether his, as full of Kindnefs and Love, Eph. 5. 25i26, 27. Z,eph. 3. 17. And 'tis indiffoluble, the Marriage knot remaineth inviolable for ever. I will betroth thee to me for ever, Hof 2. 1 g. 2. This Marriage may be confidered in four refpeás. (r.) With refpeft to the ground and foundation of it. (2.) Wich