Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, WILLIAM, Earl of Bedford, BARON of THORNAZJGH: AND KNIGHT of the Mott Noble Order' of the GARTER. My LORD, F the Soveraign Difpofer of all things had continued the Life of the Author of the following SERMONS, he had exprefs d his Thankfulnefs for your Real and No- ble Favours, by the Dedication of the bell Fruits of his Studies to your Lordfhip: But fence it hath pleated God to remove him from the Church on Earth to the Church in Heaven, I am defired by his móí1 near furviving R elation, to comply with his Intention, by Infcribing your highly Honourable Name in the Frontifpiece of this Work. Your Lordfhipr Efteem of the Author, -and mot} free Kind nefs, plac'd him in an Eminent Station ; and how faithfully he difcharged his Publick Miniflry for thofe great and moil wor- thy Ends, the Glory of God, and the Salvation of Souls, as there is a full Teflimony given by many fincere and under - flanding Perfons of all Ranks, that were the happy Partakers of it, fo it is evident to others, by the feveral Volumes of moil ufeful SERMONS Printed fence his Deceafe. Thefe had A been