Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

The DEDICf1ÌI01'. been more Exalt, and worthy of your Lordfhips peruial, if they had been publifht by himfélf : But lu h as they are, I doubt not but they will be very Acceptable, for The ,hea.- venly Matter contained in thém. . I (hall not Record here the many excellent Vertues that are Confpicuous in your Lordjhip, and truely adorn your Honour ;¡ but ;I cannot forbear to mention the Foundation of them, Sincere and Solid Piety, fo _clearly difcovered. in a moA (4rifiian Deportment under your heavy .Afilli &ions. Surely., Adt Reverence and' meek Submifiïon to the high and Holy Providence of God, that humble Trua in his Mercy, which fo admirably appeared in your deep Diarel, was from the Divine Spirit, whole glorious Attribute is, The Comforter. I fha11 Earnealy pray, That God, who turneth the fhadow of Death into the Morning, will be pleafed alwayes to Support you with his R eviving Pretence, that he will guide you by his Counjel through this Affliding World, and bring you to hie Glory. I am, My LORD, Your Lordfhips very Humble ant Obedient Servant, WILLIAM BATES. T