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Ver. I o. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 6f Confcience, Chrift feemeth to be welcome to them; but as their Trouble wearech off, fo doth their Refolution to take Chrift for their Lord and Saviour ; Pfal. 78. 34, 35. When he few them, then they fought him ; and returned and enquired early after God, sod they remembred that God was their Rock, and the moft High their Redeemer. In fuch cafes men put a force upon themfelves, and their Heart is not inclined, but com- pelled, as thofe that marry againfl their wills. 'Tis only in a pang, and fit of Confcience, that they Iike Chrift; when fome great diftrefs forceth them to re- folve for him, and their fears drive them to Chrift, rather than his excellencies draw them to him. That which is forced is not fincere. Many own Chrift in their ftcknefs and diftrefs, that never care for him when they are well at eafè then they forget all, live as they did before, when their turn is ferved. There is a difference between a Womans coming to a Phyfician for cure, and her coming to a Husband to dwell with him. True Converfion Both begin in fear, but it Both not end there : it çndeth in a change of Heart, and a fettled love to God and Holinefs, and an hatred of Sin. This is not only feen in men when the fear of Death affrights them ; but in their whole lives. Others under force Convi- ction they would have Chrifl for their Confciences, And the World for their Hearts. Secondly, It muff be a full and unbounded Content to all the terms and demands of the Gospel ; to be what he would have you to be, and to do what he would have you to do : 'Mat. r 3. 44. The man fold all to buy the Pearl al great price. YOU muft not flick at any thing : Though you are unwilling to let the match go, yet it is no full confent : Chrift will be taken for better for worfe ; you mull renounce your deareft Lufs, devote and refign your choicefl Interefls, or elfe you are un- worthy of him. The bargain is not made, till all your Interefs be laid at Iris feet, Luk. r4. 26..33. So for Lulls ; Mat. 5.29. 3o. Here men ufually flick, and had rather undergo any coil and pains, than undergo the mortification of Sin, as you may fee in Mica. 6. 6, 7. Wherewith /hall I come before the Lord, and bow my self before the mofé high God? fball I come before him with Burnt Offerings, and Calves of a year old ? Will the Lord be pleated with thoufands of Rams, or with ten thou- foods of Rivers of Uyl? Shall I give my Erg-born for my Tranfgreffion, and the bruit- of my Body for the Sin of my Soul? Now before it comes to this, man 'lath many debates of Soul : They are convinced that Sin, is evil, contrary to God, and hurt Thl to themfelves; and have force mind to let it go : But in fine, their Hearts are more for it than againft it, and fo do not come up toa fixing confent to take Chrift for their Lord and Husband. The pléafures of fin are fo bewitching, that they cannot come up roundly to Chrifls terms, or to the whole bufinefss of Chrifli- anity. Thirdly, It muft be a .firm and habitual Content, and fuch as is not retraced in our after Converfation. Weak and wavering purposes foon come to nothing ; but when this is your ordinary frame, and the new Nature, and the inclination of your Souls is this way ; when there is a new bent put upon your Spirits; tiren it will hold out : Pfal. t 19. 112. I have inclined my heart to perform thy Statutes al- wayes to the end. The Second thing remarkable in the Text is the Entrance of thole that were ready in to the Nuptial Feafé : And, (r.) Who are the Persons ? They that are inwardly renewed, and endowed with the faving Graces of the Spirit. (2.) What's their Priviledge ? They went in to the Marriage, to the Fefiivities o; the Marriage Chamber, or place of Nuptial Entertainment. Marriage Feafts are of- ten fpoken of in Scripture,fudg. 14. to. And Sampson made a feafé, for fo u/ed the young men to do. And Gen. 29. 22. And Laban gathered all the young men of the place, and made a feel. This figureth the joys of Eternal Life, and that full and Tweet Communion we (hall have with Chrift in Heaven. DOft. Tbofe only who are ready and prepared for Chri/i, shall enter into eternal joys, when others are excluded. Luk. 12. 37. Bléffed are thole Servants, whom when the Lord cometh, he fsalÍ find watching. So Mat. 24.44. Therefore be ye a fo ready. a. I (hall enquire, What it is to be ready ? Shew