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62 SERMONS upon the SER M. VIII. 2. Shew you, why they only fiall have eternal and immediate Communion with Chri ft. 1: What it it to be ready. There issa Twofold Readinefs. (1.) An Habitual and Conîlant Readinefs. (2.) An AElua1 Readinefa ; when you ípecially compote your felves to meet with Chrift. (1.) Of the Habitual and Conflant Readinefs, that concerneth the (fate of the Perfbn, the frame of the Heart, and the courfc of our Converfations ; as repre- tented by Oyl in the Veffel, and the Lamps kept burning. [1.] The State of the Perfbn. He mull be one reconciled, and one at peace with God. There are two Expreffrons in Scripture that freak of the ftate that we inufi be found in when Chrift cometh ; z Pet. 3.14. That we may be found of hies in peace : The other is, 2 Cor. 5. 3. That we may not be found naked. And both do princi- pally relate to Juffification. Our Peace depends upon our Reconciliation with God, Rom. 5. t. And till your Pardon be fued out in an bumble and broken hearted manner, how will you be able to Rand before the Lord ? till you be reclus in Cu- ria, and have a di charge of Sin and the Curfe, and be not found in a natural and unconverted Elate ? The other Expreffion is, That we may not be found naked: 'Tis fad to appear before God with no other covering but our own Skins'; No ; there is no getting the Bleffing but in the Garment of our Elder Brother. There- fore we are fo often bidden to put on the Lord Jefrts, Rom. 13. 14. and Gal. 3. 27. and that you buy of Him white Raiment to cover your nakednefs, Rev. 3. 1 7, 18. Thefè. places are principally to be interpreted of Juffification, though it will not exclude Sanaification : For that is a Garment of Salvation to cover our loathfbme naked - nefs from the fight of the Lord. [z.] As to the frame of the Heart ; that it be renewed, and Sanaified. Habi- tual Grace is Oyl in the Veffel, that there may be a Spring or Fountain of Grace in the Heart, Yoh. 7. 38. but that I Make of before. The Graces of he Spirit are the Brides Jewels, and Ornaments are the things which the Bridegroom, delights in, If. 6r. io. I will greatly rejoyce in the Lord, my Soul fad' be joyfúl in my God. For he hath cloathed me with the Garments of Salvation, he hath covered me with the Robes of his Rivhteoufnefs, , As a Bridegroom decketh himfelf with Garments, and as a Bride adorneth herfelf with Jewels, &c. The more there things are in us, and abound in us, the more lovely in Chriffs eyes. [3.] Something as to the eourfe of our Converfation. 'Tis not enough to have Oyl in the Veffel, but the Lamp mutt be kept burning, our Graces in aktual and continual exercife ; and we muff alwayes make it our ftudy to pleafe "the Lord. This is part of our Preparation: For men arc judged according to their works; therefore what manner of perfons ought we to be, in all holy converfation and Godlinefs? a Pet. 3. to. The life of Grace is fèen in the fruits of it ; for that end was it given us; not to lie idle in the Heart, but to difcover its influence and efficacy in every part of our Converfation ; 2 Pet. t. 8. If thefe things be in you and abound, they Make you that you /Ball neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord `lefts Chrift : That will make,a Chriffian bale and a&tive in Gods Service. Welt then, by this you know who are prepared and who unprepared. (2.) There is an Altrsal Preparation, which is like the trimming the Lamps, when they heard the Cry ; and that noteth our aaual fitting our felves for Death and Judgment. Befides our general habitual Preparation, there needeth abHial Preparation. When Pharaoh lent for Jofeph, he wafhed himfelf. 'Tis no flight thing to appear before Chrift. Our general wort fhould often be reviewed, that we may get Promifes ready, Evidences ready, Experiences ready ; that we may have nothing to do but to wait the good hour, and give welcome to the Lord Jens Chrift, as old Simeon, Luk.; 2. 29. Lord, now lettefl thou Ay Servant depart in peace; for mine eyes have fern thy Salvation. You fhould be fofettled inCon- fcicnce, weaned in Heart, purified in Spirit, that you do with comfort wait for the Salvation of God and not only wait for it, but long for ir, love Isis appearing, efpecially after a long Profeffion of the Name of Chrift ft) it fhould be. Now this aaual Preparation fhould be made, either, 1. Daily, and when you are in the greatefi health and firennth : We fhould think of our great change, fob 14. 14. for Death loth not alwayes give warning; and to