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64 SERMONS upon the SERM.VIII 2. think themfilves ready when they are not. Rev. 3. 17. Thou tboughteil thous w4 rich, and encreafed rvitb goods ; and knm.efl riot that thou art wretched, and m ferable, and poor, and blind, and naked. I truft in Gods mercy, and hope I (tall go to Chrift : 'Tis eafie to fay this,* but do you know what 'cis to meet with Chri{l, what honour he espedteth from you at the Taft day, and how little a naked truft, and a dead and empty Faith will do to your acceptance with info ? I confefs we have all from Chrift, and all the honour we call do him refuits from his own Grace : But yet 'tis laid, Rev. 19. 5. The Bride bath made her felf ready. There is work required of us, and fuels as may be anfwerable to the dig- nity of fb great a Lord and Husband. 3. Others think an liabìival Reedinefs will ferve the turn. They mind prefent duties, but do not enliven them by the remembrance of the coming of the Lord ; or they have not done their main work, and therefore take more liberty about the World than others, and a greater liberty in the delights of fènfe ; and there - fore we have that caution, Lark. 21. 24. Take herd to your felves, left at any time your hearts be overcharged with fafiting and drun eane .r, and the cares of this life; and fo that day come upon Fall unawares. That will make you wither, and contra& deadnefs and drowfìnals hinder your comfort and peace, and that chearful relli- mony you may give for God to others ; as Peter's queftion, Lord, fpeakefl thou to us, or to ail? Luk. t 2. 4,. 4. Many are ready, but think themlelves unready : It concerned' them to fludy Gofpel Grounds of Comfort and Peace ; if they can endure the Touch -ftone, though not the Balance. Where there is a fincere bent of heart to pleafe him, there is a La v of Liberty, Jam. 2. 12. a Law of Liberty, not for the carnal, but the fia- cere ; not a Law of Tryal, but of Gofpel liberty. We now come to the Third thing in the Text : And the Doer was fout. The fhueting the door noteth the Impdibility of getting our Condition altered, when the day of Grace and Tryal is once over. There is a twofold Door. a. Yamia 211 fericordse ad Ignofcendum, the door of Chrifts Pity and Mercy to re- turning finners, Mat. 7. 7. Ask, and It Ad/ be given you, Trek and ye ¡hall find, knock and it (hall be opened unto, yan. And yob. 6. 37. Him that cometh unto me I will in no wife call off. But then this Door is Phut. 2.. :j.anua Gracie ad Convertendum ; there is the Door of Repentance and Conver- fion ; but there is no Repentance when we are in termino. They may have a fenfe of their milery, but their habitual hatred to God remaineth ; they that have wittingly and wilfully reje&ed his Counfèl, remain fo frill. The fire of Hell doth not foften but harden them ; their Self-love may make them fenfible of their pain. Reafans. First, His Love to his People : Though Chrift waiteth long for the Preparati- on of the Wicked, 'yet he will not alwaies delay the defire of the Godly. Secondly, His 7uftice. 'Tis fit that they that live fo long in their Unbelief, and difobedience of the Counfels and Precepts of the Gofpel, fhould at length find this difpenfation continued, who grow unteachable and hardened in their negli- gentes, Pfal. 95. 7, 8. To day if you will hear his voice, harden not your hearts. VS E, Is to preis us to begin with God betimes. You that are young, take warn- ing this day ; do not think there is time enough hereafter. You that are old, do not think it is too late; nor be afhamed to begin now. (t.) The prefent time is the only opportunity of Salvation, or embracing the offer of Gods Grace, Heb. 3. 7. Pfal. 95. 7. Oh do not reje& his Counfel. (2.) Love is impatient of delay ; if we could Hope to prevail with you that way. (3.) When the Angels finned, the Lord immedi,xe y {hut the door againft them ; to us the hash given leave, Aclr II. 13, 4. and -knee to Repent, Rev. 2. 21. Let us not receive the Grace of God in vain, 2 Cur. 6. t. SERMON