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yd. I o. xxvth Chapter of St. M A T T H É W. 6 be provided doth no hurt. It enliveneth our General Preparation, and makeclr us the more ferious : 'Tis like. poyfing our confidence, and weighing the ftrength and temper of it, to fee if it can encounter the thoughts of Death and Judgment to come. A run-away cowardly Faith, that cannot endure the ferious thoughts and fuppofition of thefe things, will do us no good : Prefumption is a Coward. Befides, it riddeth off the prefènt work with more fuccefs, when we live every day as if it were our lati ; and do all things as if prefently to give an account to Chrift of the doing of them. Once more, to familiarize the thoughts of Chrifts coming to us, it allayeth fo much of the dread and terrour of it as belongeth to bondage; and keepeth up fo much as belongs to Reverence, and ferious and awful walking with God. 2. When God fiemmons us by his Providence to make up our Account. Lúk. 16. 2. Give an account of thy Stewardship; for thou mayeji be no longer Steward. Many are about to go into the other World, but they do not think of making ready for it. The Wrath of God is even at the door, and they are ftupid and care= lets : Surely filch a frame of Heart should be far from the Children of God. They have a tender Conscience, and a . deep fenfe of the World to come ; therefore in probality, when they have but a short time wherein to prepare, their preparati- on should be the more ferious. So when we are to partake of the Lords Supper, a man would go afide, and renew his Evidences for Heaven, and awaken his fpi- ritual defire. So. for hearing. the Word, a man would compote his Heart to re- ceive the Word with Meeknefs : And should we not fet our Hearts in frame when we are to meet with Chrift, not only in the Ordinances, but in Perron. Secondly, Why thofe only that are Ready and Prepared, are to enter into the Nuptial Chamber. [t.] Thofe are only meet for heavenly Happinefs. 'Tis molt fuitable to them, as ha- ving that life begun in their Hearts, which shall be perfeáed there, Col. r.t z. What should poor fenfual fistful Creatures do with Heaven ? Heaven is prepared for us, and we for Heaven; Rom. 6. 23. When we are put into an Heavenly frame and temper, Heaven Gates Rand open for us. 'Tis the wifdom of God to put all things in their proper place ; heavy and light Bodies in their proper places; So here the Apofile faith, 2 Cor. 5. 5. He that rvroughtus for this',very. thing, is God. Excellent Veffels are not thrown about the Houle, but put into a place fuit- able. The purging and purifying of our Souls, is a kind of fpirituálizing of our Bodies : And fo we are fitted both in Body and Soul. [2.] . Thefe only have a lively fente of the Coming of the Lord. Temporaries are a fort of Hypocrites ; their work is real, though but a common work ; not becaufe they purpofely and intendedly diffemble, but becaufe they have not answer- able impref ions to the things which they profess to believe ; and their "Affections and Preparations are not anfwerable towhat they know ; and fo 'cis a kind of mock- ing of God. They profess and believe God Omn fcient, yet fear not to fin in his prefence ; to believe Eternity, yet Temporal things have the greateft power and influence upon them : They look for the coming of Chrift in great Majerty and Glory, but do not make fuitable Provifion. If we had high thoughts of Chrift, and a great refpe& to him, we would prepare accordingly : But furely we have leffen- ing thoughts of Chrift, and his glorious Coming, if we do not make ready for him, how high foever our notions be about it: VS E, Are we ready ? I muff direst the edgeof this life to four forts of People. 1. Some care not whether they be ready or no : They do but daily with Eter- nity and things of Religion: Their Hearts are not moved with joy, or grief; or hope, or fear at the Remembrance of this day. Surely they have no Faith, at leaft not a lively, but dead Faith ; and therefore are fo dead- hearted ; and be- fides they care for none of thefe things, they mind Earthly things. If they can live comfortably here, be well at eafe here, they never take care to live eternally. Now to these I fhall only fay, Live in no fate or frame of Heart, but what you would die in. Alas, in your ferious moods you cannot but fay, I would not die for all the World : But what if God should arreft thee before thou thinkeft of it What would become of thee ? On the other fide confider, when our work is done, and our Ornaments put on, then it will be pleafant to us to think of the coming of Chrift. Now Lord letteft thou thy Servant derart in peace, for Mine eyes have feed Sonya thy Salvation, Luk.2. 294 .