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i6o SERMON XXIV. on Rom.6. V.2 3. little flicks fet the great ones on fire : partly , becaufe with their multitude and power they do as much hurt the Soul , as greg fins with their weight, minute fun: , fed media flint : laftly , becaufe they are in their own nature mortal. Therefore dafh Babylon Brats againft the (tones. In (host, final! ,fins are the Mother of great fins, and the Grand- mother of great punifhments. Lots Wife was turned into a Pillar of Salt : the Angels were call out of Heaven, Adam thruft out of Paradife. Second Branch. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jefus Chrifi our Lord. DoEtrine. That eternal Life is Gods free and gracious Gift to the Santlifred. What eternal Life'is , we {hewed before ; it is the full fruition of eternal Joys with- out any poffibility of lofing them. Here is, I. The Donor, God. 2. The meritorious and procuring Caufe, Jefas Chrifl our Lord. 3. The Parties qualified, Thofe that have their fruit to Holinefs. 1. On Gods part , a Gift, not a Debt , as Wages is to the Servant or Sould' but &074.0 a gracious Gift. Though we fhould ferve God a thoufand years , not merit to be one half day in Heaven, there it is a Gift to t who do molt ex pop - fevere in Holinefs, the belt have no other Claim, but the of the Donor. I. It is the freeft Gift. 2. It is the richeft Gift. I. It is the freeft Gift , God payeth more than is our due. To punilh men beyond their defert is injuflice ; but to reward men beyond their deferts, is not contrary to Ju- (lice, for it is an Aft of Mercy. Firfi, It is greater than any merit of ours; becaufe it is the eternal injoyment of the ever blefied God, and fo far beyond any thing that we can do. Finite things carry no proportion to an infinite reward. Secondly, Our works 'are many ways imperfe& , and fo we may expect punilhment rather than reward. Mercy is our belt Plea , when we come to confider the Cafe be- tween God and our Confciences : Jude 21. Lopping for the mere, of our Lord Jefs Chrift unto eternal life. 2. is the riche([ Gift. What can God give us more than himfelf? 2. On Chrifis part, it is a Purchace. We have it upon the account of his Merit and Interceffion, and it is conveyed to us by his free Promtfe. r. ,Upon the account of his Merit and Interceflion we have both the tions, and the Gift it ftlf. Juftification, which is the foundation of it, Ram. y. i8. By t aufnefs of one the free gift came upon all men unto jollification of life: Sanftification is the beginn and introduftion into it, Tit. 3. y. Not by works of righteoufnefo, which we have done, but according to hù mercy he failed as by the wafhing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghofl: The fiat we have by the Merit of his Death and Obedience, Rom. 3.24. Being juflified freely by his grace , through the redemption that is in Cbrift 7efus : The fecond is wrought in us freely by his Spirit, eternal Life it felf, Heb. 9. 15. That they which are called, might receive the prswife of eternal inheritance. 2. It is conveyed by his Promife, a Job. 2. 25. And this is the promife which he bath promifed us, even eternal life. 3. The Parties qualified, Theft that are fanElified. The freedom of this Gift doth not exclude Qualifications. Holy men have a juft Title to eternal Life, but they do not deferve it , none but the holy have it ; but there is no intrinfick worth in what we do to deferve it, no fuch meritorious influence as may alter the freenefs of it. Oft 1. With Faith in Chrift you muff joyn Holinefs. What will encourage us to live an holy Life, if .this will not ? Through many hindrances by the way from the Devil, the World, and the Flelh, yet thus we tend to eternal Life. vfe z. Acknowledge the freenefs of it. It is moft worthy of God , though we are every way unworthy of it ; it is the efieft, not of our Holinefs, but the Lords Grace ; none obtain it without Holinefs, yet not for Holinefs. Oft 3. To thew us how happy the Children of God are. a. Happy in the Lord, whom they ferve, God and Jefus Chrilt. z. Happy in the reward oftheir Service, Eternal Life. 3. ,Happy in the manner of their Reward, xáesepa, which may be confidered in three inflames. 1. Their deftination thereunto by Election, Lukt 12. 3 Z. Fear not, little flock, it is your Fathers good pleafure to give you the Kingdom. 2. In our Convection, Regeneration, or elfelual Vocation, the beginning of eternal Life. 3. In our Coronation, when the full poffeion of eternal Life is given to us. All thefe are the free Gift ofGod in Jefus Chrilt, not procured or merited by any fpecial Aft s depending on mans free Will. SERMON