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A T.A B L E Of the Principal Matters contained in the Sermons on Romans 6. À. Blain, it is not enough that we abstain from il, but we mutt do Rood pag. 72 A God, the fruit of Holinefs r45 q insiero it ibid. activity inthe ways of Rig s, and the Ways of fin, refemblance bet min eur. (r) So-. lstoede, (2) Ind ftry, (3 ptnefs, (4) Re- foleteen, (5) Progrefs 128, 129 Reafons why it fhoould be fo 129 Mis, our Ads depend endsrift 25 Amiablenefs of a life (pent in Gods frvire 143 Antinomian Doctrine, confuted -7 Appearance of evil to be avoided loo Appetite fenfual, fin proceeds from theenordinacy . of it '. 6z Armor Chriftian, the parts of it deferibed 103 B. BAptifm fialeth the new Covenant te as 18 Faith and Repentance folemnly profeffed its Ba. Fifth 6 Reprefents. to ue Chri Bath and Refurreflion 17 Is a publick pro our Commknion with Chrifis Death etIon 19 How we are buried wet Chrá Baptifm tq Myftical Vnion fgnáfsed and fealed in Baptifm. Vide Linton. 23 Obligeth usto dye to fin z Akita a new life 10,24 How Baptifm obfigeth iota walk in coerenefs of life 17 How it is to be improved i3 The Rite of Dipping, why not retained r¢ Believing, the neceffttyof believing, that if We be dead with Chrif, we fhall live with him 46 Thegrounds of believing a bleffed future fate in Heaven 46,47 Tht profit of believing this 47 Bodreeby mentioned as the feat offin 67 What. care we "mild take to imploy oarBodies in Godo fervice 73 Mortal Body. Vide Mortal. Body of fin, what is meant by it, and the melon of the ex reon 30 In what fenfe it is feid to be deflroyed ibid. Burial of Chrift, why Chrift muff be buried 17 C. !CHange, agnat change wrought in all that are Li brought home to God 12.5 What this Change is 142 Tltr dills of this change. 143 One great Change ischange ofMafreri izg Vide Matters. Thof that are changed Matt away with their fist- ful life 131 Choice of Matters of great concernment to sis ; s Whom we ought to chufe for our Matter 113 What fhouldguide ois in thie Choice 1 1 1 Vide Matters. Communion with God hero, the fruit öf Holinefs 14.5 Communion withChrilts Death , What it fgnifies Complaining great deceit of the heart in complai B n- ing againfl fin without refflance 77 Confliftfpiritual, incouragemenrs to XI in 'acct Con- füct with fin 8 Objellions anfwered Conformity to Chrift, wherein it cons 93 Where there is a likenefs whit Death; there will be alfo tá his R.' efurrellion 26 Content given to the fervice both of fin andof Cjod 69 Pare Confent to Gods fervice will not e3idence us Cods fervants without obedience 114 Confideration, eh'e want of it the eaufe of many fins 32 ConverGon, Of all ff iritual ,mercies we fheuld thank Gad for the ConverGon of our feint's and o- thers 123 it is the duty of converted perfono to be free from Other duties ofConverted perfon: 123 Covenant. Vide New Covenant. Creature, how to ufe the Creature to Gods glóry 144 Crucifixion , why the death of fin is fet forth by this Notion How the old Man is ctucified With Chrift ibid, Vide Dead with Chrift. Cultom in finning takes away all tendernef: ifCosi. pence 162 D. DEad with Chrift, what it is lò be dead witti Chrift 42 Who are dead with Chtilt 44 A Condition necefary to Obtain flbfégsieht Grace Freedom. froue fiñ a confeyuent of e-ir dying vd th Chrift 40' The necety of believing, if We be dead with Chrift, we fhall alfo live with him 46 'lead to fin, What it it ro dye to fin z X x z x x Ëxhof: