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The TABLE. Exhortation to it 27 Motives 20 Dirallions 27 Vide Dying to fin, and living to God. Death ofChrist, the value of it 12 le thews the deadly nature of fin- 33 How it mortifies fin 32, Death eternal what it it 157 The terriblenefs of it `140 The flutters wages The certain connexion between it and fin 141,158 The Juflice and Righteoafneß of God in inflilting it on inners ,ibid. Death temporal, why continued 157 The fruit of fin ibid. Deceitfulnefs of fin, wherein it conftfieth 136 Devil always watchful to deffroy us 98 Difference between carnal and regenerate 41 Doftrine of the Gofpel imprinted on the heart in converfion 119 The fruit and benefit of it 120 Dominion of fin. As no fin in general, fonoparti cular fin fhouldhave dominion over as 79 Allaal and habitual what 8o, 81 More grofs or more ferrer 79 Who are they that are more openly under the Do minion of fin 79 Vide Predominancy and Reign of fin. Duty it isofgreat concernment to us to know what is our Duty i e 5 Dying to fin and living to God. How we are laid to dye to fin, and to be 'alive to God through Jetas Chrifl 57 Motives to dye to fin, and live to God 59 E. j Afie why the "work of Religion is eafie to a re Ls netted person 146 End and means joyned together 108 The End is better than the means 151 The enjoyment of God our great End ibid. The End and ifue of things to be often thought of 142 Eternity of Torments of Hell , the fufiice of God in them 141058 F. FAith, what it is The dierence between Faith and Presumption ibid. How it preferves from fin 97 Falling into fin, Gods people may fometimes fall into fcandalous fins j8 Falls of Believers into fin punished by the with- drawing of the Spirit 37 Fear of God, how it preferves from fin 97 Flesh takes all occafions to indulge it felf 3 Nor to be indulged and gratified 99 Filthinefs of fin 18o Folly and filth of fin caufeth fhame 138 Vide Shame. Free Grace, to live in fin a falfe inference from the Dollrine of Gods Free Grace 2 Vide Living in Sin. Three Dolprines of FreeGrace apt to be abufed to licentioufnefs 104 Such Dellrince of Free Grace vindicated 106 Whrnce abafe of the Dotlrines of Free Grace pro- ceeds How we flmuld forti(se our felves againfi th fe obis Jet 7, 109 Freedom from Rig h teoufnefs, what it fgnifies 13o Vide Liberty. The fervants of fin carry it, as if they were free from Righteoufnefs Freedom from fin. The nature of it 36 The kinds °fit 131 The degree which we attain to in this life. 37 The value of the benefit 38 Who are they that are freed from fin 42 The vfible Profeffor to look after Freedom from fin 40 What we fimuld do to be freed from fin 41 How we should show that we are freed from fin How it is a confequent of our dying with Chrii f 140 We are affured of it byChrifis undertaking 87 Converted perfono should be as free from fin as they were before from righeeoufnefs 132 How far this fhouldbe -i .. ibid. Reason, of it, (1) the equity, (2) thdtreíej]iey, (3) the conveniency of it j.32, 133 Fruit; thofetharbáve their Fruit toHolinefs, the advantage ofit `¡ 144, &c. G. G(milt of God eternal life 160 What a kind of Gift this is ibid. Gofpel looks not back to what Believers were before Converfion, but forward to what they should be 31 Government of God, the life of it conffts in re- wards and punishments Grace, the oppofïtion it meets with We are to honour it Is followed with Grace and Glory Life of Grace. Vide Life fpiritual. Free Grace. Vide Free. 153 90 7 45 H. HAted, fin to be hate 135 Holinefs, the Inutsirtod in the Soul 147 Efleemed by God 148 It breeds peace of Confcience 145 And clears up and confirms our title to the heaven- ly Inheritance ibid. Accefi to God and communion with him the fruit of Holinefs ibid. Honour of Gods fervice 126, 147i &e. Hope of eternallife, fome want it, and why 154 The folly of the Hopes of wicked men 159 IMage of God in the Soul, what it is 147 D faced by fin 38 Infirmities incident to the bell 78 Jus Poltliminii in the Civil Law, what it fignifies 113 36 Juftification, the nature and branches of it C°nffitative and executive K. Kblowledge a help tomortification 37 31