Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

The Epiftle Dedicátory. Earthly Ration, and covet to be Comforted with the holy Affembly above Eve'y fuch afumption ought to diminijb with us the retentive Power of this World, and fenfibly 'add to. the Magnelifm and Attrallivenefs of Heaven. Doth not God exprefly teach, and "prompt as to defpife a World, out of which he plucks fuch excellent ones, plainly judging it not worthy of them ? The general Argument to both thefe purpofes , tho it bath not more firength in it fell, from the death of this or that particular perfon, (when we foreknew that filch mull die) yet bath more Emphafis and efficacy upon us, as the iaflances are repeated ; efpecially when we have a prefent occafzon to confider the death of force one of great value, thoroughly known to us; as this Worthy Perfon was to your Honours. For it is not, then, a cold, faint Idea we have of fuch a ones worth, (as that is which is begot by remote and more ge- neral report) but have a lively remembrance of it, as it appeared in numerous vivid inflances ; and thence do, with the more fpirit and affurance, con- clude fuch excellencies too great to be for ever loft, or be an eternal prey to Death and the Grave ; but therefore, that he is certainly Afcended, andgone into a World more fuitable to him : Whence alto the manifold endearments (which were the effells of former very intimate Converfation) recur afrefh with us,and carry up our hearts after hint thither,making as wifh and long to be there too. But the Wifdonz and Mercy of Providence feem, efpecially, to bave taken care the Church of God on Earth, fhould be force way recompenc'd for the lofs of fo con /iderable a Perfon out of it, by thofe fo generally acceptable and ufefulWorks of his that furvive him. Tour Honours Judicious, and very cont. placentialgull and relith of any thing that was Reverend Dr. Manrons, make you the more capable of the larger (hare, and fuller fatisfallion in that reconzpence. And were it known how great a part of them bath had a fecond' birth, or Refurrellion, by the diligence of one depending on you, that refcued them from the obfcurity of a private Clofet, as from agrave and who, tho defervedly favoured by you upon other accounts; is undoubtedly much the more upon this alto : Tou would be of eemed to have the more fpe ial title to them, as well as capacity of advantage by then. There is, however, enough to make it decent and jut, that wherefoever thefe Writings 'hall be read, your kindnefs to their Author fbould be told for a memorial of you ; and whatfoever your interef was, or is in him, and his labours; it cannot be a lean with unto you, To defire your benefit may be proportionable; Which is molt earnefily defired for you, with the addition of all other valuable Bleffings, by Your HONOURS Greatly onliged, and very humble Servants in Chrift our. Lord, WILLIAM BATES ,'ofits FLOWN,