Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

SERMON U P O N T H E Eighth Chapter O F T H E ROMANS. S S E R M O N R. O M. VIII. I. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Chrif , who walk not after the Jiefh, but after the fpirit. N the former Chapter, the Apoflle in his own Perfon reprefents a Be- liever groaning under the relicks of fin, or bewailing the imperfeeci- ons of his fanttihcation: now becaufe this Confcience of in dwelling fin may breed in us fears of Condemnation he fheweth here what remedy and relief is provided for us by Jefus Chrift. There is there- fore, &c. So that the words are an Inference from the Complaint and Gratu- lation expreffed in the laft Verfe of the preceding Chapter: Tho in the godly there remain force fin, yet no condemnation (hall be to them. Obferve here, 1. Apriviledg : There is no condemnation. 2. A defcription of the perfons who have interefrin it: they are defcribed, r. By their internal el}ate, To them which are en Chrifl Nis. 2. By their external court of life , who walk not after the ftefh, but after the fpirit. r. There is a denial of the prevailing influence of the corrupt principle, They wall not after the fiefh. 2. Their obedience to the better principle is afferted and affirmed; but after the Spirit. Three points I fhall touch upon, r. That 'tis a great felicity, not to be obnoxious to condemnation.. 8 A 2. That