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Ver. I i, I2. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 71 would have the Blefling, yet fold theBirthright, lieb. 12.16, 17. Indeed in things natural we do not expe& the End without the Means ; but in things fupernatu- ral we do, and fo by refufing the Means, we do feparate the End, Pfel. io6. 24. Heaven is a good place, but 'tis an hard matter to get thither ; fo loath are we to be at the coil and pains : We defire happinefs, not holinefs. God doth pro- mote thofe things we naturally defire ; but fill that we fubmit to thofe things we are naturally againft. Whatfoever maketh for our felves we are naturally more willing of, than what maketh for the Honour of God : Now if we will not fub- mit to the one, we shall not have the other. We would all be pardoned, and freed from the'Curfe of the Law, and the Damnation of Hell ; but we are unwil- ling to let go the profit and pleafure that we fancy in Sin. Secondly, Why this is no more improved, and why we make no better ufe of it? There are four Caufes of it. (1.) Ignorance. To many the Objet} is not reprefented ; as to Heathens, and to fottifb Christians. (2.) Incon(deration. Spiritual Obje&s muff 'not only be reprefented, but inforced upon the Will by the efficacy and weight of Me- ditation, Pfd. 1.3. (3.) Vnbelief. They have not afound per¡vaficn of thefe Truths, Heb. el. 3. They were perfwaded of them, and embraced them : They had not a Ghefs, bat a round Belief. (4.) Vnfubjeition of will, Rom. 8. 7. Becaufe the carnal mind is enmity ageing God : For it is not tubjeet to the law of God, neither indeed can be. 'Tis caller to cure their Errours, than to mortifie their Affe&ions. V S E, Oh do not ref¡ in defiring to be happy ; there is no great matter in that ; the Damned would have the Door opened to them But defire Grace, Pfal. 1 s 9. 5 Rom. 7. 23. defire it prevalently, fo as not to be put out of the humour ; as Chil- dren would fain have fomething when they are in pain, but are pleafed with Rat- tles or any Toy. If your vain Delights abate not, this defire will do you no good. Defire it fo as to labour for it; yea, fo as to make it your main bufinefs, Pfal. 27.4. yea, to part with all for it, Mat. 13.46. This is the way to be happy indeed. Do &. 3. That 'iis a dreadful mifery to be difowneddy Chrifí at his Coming. I know you not. . s. Confider who may be difowned. Many that profefs refpe& to Chrift, and may be well efleemed of in the Vifible Church ; many that cry Lord, Lord ; ma- ny that have eat and drunk in bis pretence. There is a great deal of difference be- tween the Efteem of God, and the yudgment of the World. Many whom we take to be forward Profeffors, yea, many that have great gifts and imployments in the Miniflry, and with great fuccefs, Mat. 7. 22. If only Pagans, or only prophane Perfons were damned, or the oppofite party to Chrift, it were another matter ; there were not fuch taufe of fear : But thofe of Chrifts Fa&ion, many that profefs to know him, but were never fubdued by the power of his Grace, Joh. rr. 2, 3/ 4. Chrift doth not know, becaufe he doth not love them. 2. The mifery of being difowned. (e.) This difowning is the Aft and Sentence of a yudge. If it were the frown of a bare Friend in our mifery, it even cuts the Heart in funder ; but when a negle&ed Saviour (hall become an angry Judge, when his favour hath been flighted long, .then he will fir up all his wrath : When 'tie kindled but a little, bleffed are all they that put their truft in him, Pfal. 2. 12. (2.) 'Tis the 4-appointment of an Hope. They fuppofed he meant to own them, and therefore put in their Plea. There is an hope that will leave afbamed, Rom. 5. 5. (3.) 'Tis the Cagle of all other Mifery : Perna damn maketh way for papa lentos. Here we care not for him, fo long as we can be well without him. It may be now you efteem it nothing to have a frown from Chrift in the day of his pati- ence ; but then, Depart ye Turfed. V E, Oh let this make you more ferious for the time to come. Do not grieve the Spirit any longer, Eph. 4. 30. Do you receive and own Chrift when others re- fufe him, and you will be owned by Chrift, Luk. 12.8, 9. And I fay unto you, who - foever ¡hall confers me before men, him ¡ball the Son of man alfo confefs before the An- gels of God. But he that denyeth me before men, bad be denyed before the Angels of God. SER-