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SERMONS upon the S E R iaf. X. .. SERMON X. .MAT TH. XXV. v. 13. Watch therefore ;, for ye know neither the day nor the hour where- in the Son of Man cometh. -Ó Ere is the Conclufton of the whole Parable, as the illative Particle Therefore ] fheweth. Every paffage in it will inferr'this Conclu- (ion. Firft, The Suddennefs and unexpellednefs of his Coming. Watch therefore. Secondly, Only thole that are ready fháll enter into the Marriage- Chamber. Watch therefore, that ye may be alwayes ready. Thirdly, The Shutting the Door, and Exclufron of the Unprepared. Watch there- fore.. Fourthly, The Door is /hut, as never to be opened again. When they beg En- trance they are refufed and difowned by Chrift, as having not his mark upon them.' Watch therefore; for ye know not the day, neither the hour, &c. In the Words we have, (s.) A Duty. (2.) The Reafon of it. The one will explain the other. (s.) For the Duty : What is meant by Watching ? Becaufe we are prefl'ed to it upon the account of the uncertain time of Chrifts Coming, here it meaneth, a care to get and keep our felves alwayes ready, and in a pofture to receive him for our Lord, as himfelf explaineth it, Mat. 24.42. Watch therefore ; forye know not what hour your Lord Both come. (2.) The Reafon. For ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh. Mat. 24. 42. For in fuck an hour you think not of; the Son of Man comet:. Do &. The great Duty that lyeth upon them that believe, and look for Chrifis come- ing, is Watching. My bulìnefs will be to fhew you what Watching is in the general notion of it. As 'tis taken Spiritually and Metaphorically, it implyeth a diligent care and heed to the great affairs of our Souls : For 'tis a mixt thing, made up of Prudence and Diligence. It lmplyeth a prudent forefight of the Souls danger, with a diligent care to avoid it. It is preffed in Scripture to a double end; Partly, that we may maintain the prefent Rate, and partly that we may prepare for the future : The one quickeneth the other. And though the latter be of chief confideration in this place, yet it will not be amifs to confider both : For there is no hope to Rand hefore 'Chrift at his Coming, unlefs we be careful to get. and keep Grace for the prefent. And. on the other .fide, the Argument to quicken us to prefent care and diligence ,. is the bleffednefs we !hall have at Chrifts Coming, and the danger of being difallowed at laft. r. Watching with refpe&t to our prefent Prefervation is preffed, Mat. 26. 4r. VVatch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation. And r Cor. t6. r;. VVatch ye, Hand faf in the faith. z Watching with refpe& to future Acceptation. That is preffed in other pla- ces, Mat. 24. 42. VVatch ye, for ye know not on what hour the Lord cometh. The par-