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So SERMONS upon the SExM.XI. SERMON XL MATTH. XXV. V. 14, I 5. For the Kingdom of Heaven is as a Man travelling into a far Countrey, who called his own Servants, and delivered to them his Goods. And unto one he gave five Talents, to another two, to another one ; to every one according to his feveral ability. H E particle, [for J Iheweth that this Parable hath force conneEtion with the former. We have but two great Affairs in the World; the one to promote Gods glory, the other to fave our own Souls : Or in deher words, To be fairhfull to God and wife for oar felves. This latter was taught us in the former Parable ; the wife and provident Virgins made fufficient preparation for their reception into the Nuptial Feaft: The other,.faithfulnefì to God, in employing our Gifts, Talents and Oppor- tunities for his glory, is taught in this Parable. Therefore the drift of it is, to fee us all a -work in our Places and Callings' for the Glory of God, that we may look Chrift in the Face at his Coming. Fór the' Kingdom of Heaven, &c. In which words we have, Firfi, The Perfon trolling, A Man : Who is here reprefented, (r.) As a great Lord and Mailer, that hath Servants of his own, and feveral Gifts to beftow upon them at his pleafure. In Luke 'tis, A certain Nobleman, who went into a far Countrey, to receive for himfelf a Kingdom, Luk. tq. I 2. In Mark, Chap. 13. 34. Agreat Mailer of an houfe, who entrults his Servants with his goods till his return. (2.) He is here. confidered as travelling into a far Countrey. Chrifts afcending into Heaven is thereby intended ; for Gifts are the fruits of his Afcenfion. Secondly, The Perfons. intrufled'; He called his own Servants, and delivered to them Not only Minifters and Officers of the Church are meant, though they efpecially ; but all Chriftians, who are Chrift's Servants, employed by him in one (fate of life or other. Thirdly, The things intro/led, hie Goode; they are bona, things good in their nature ; and they are dona, gifts freely given, and delivered to us ; and not meerly given ; They are Talenta, Talents, not things meerly given, as we give Money to a Beggar ; but as we give an Elate to a Faktour. As they are bona, they muff not be defpi- fed ; as dona, Gifts, they call for Thankfulnefs ; as Talents for Faithfulnefs. The Jewifh Talent was an hundred Eighty one pound ten fhillings. Now thefe Ta- lents are Ordinances, Opportunities, Eflates, Gifts, Graces, all that we have re- ceived from God : Either dona Adminiflrantia, or Sani7iflcantia : Helps, and Means, and Opportunities to glorifie him, which are the Occafions ; or the Graces of the Spirit, which are the Difpofitions to make us fo to doe. . Fourthly, The Variety obferved in the Difiribution: 7o one five, to another two, to another one. Which difference expreffeth the divers kinds of Gifts, and the mea- fure and the degree in which they are beltowed. Though all have not equal meafure, yet every one hath fume Gift, and fome meafure, fomething that is peculiar to him- felf, whereby he may be ufefull. Fifthly,