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Ver. 14, 15. xxvh- Chapter of St. M Á T T H W. 87 Now for the Reafons of this Diverfity. r. To fhew the Liberty of his Counsels : Chrift may do with his own as he pleafeth ; he will be known to be the Sovereign Lord in the diftribution of his Gifts, and giving out his Grace to his Creatures as he shall fee good : Matth. r t. 26. Even fo, Father, for fo it feemeth good in thy Sight. i Cor. 12. II. For all thefe worketh that one and the fell- fame Spirit, difiributing to every man feverally as he will: Not as you will, but as he will : The Spirit is compared to wind, not only for its force , but its liberty : John ;. 8. when, and how he pleafeth : ,'to fome he giveth Riches, to Tome Gifts, common Knowledge and 'Utterance, fome m have this Gift, fome that ; foe in a lower Meafure, forme in a higher ; fome have a peculiar Excellency in Gifts, and Graces; others only the common Sin- cerity. 2. That all may know, that all Fuinefs is only in Himfelf, Col. r. e9. 'The greateft degree of Gifts and Graces that God beftoweth upon any, is far below that fulnefs that is in Chrift ; they have a meafure, but Chrift without meafure, john 3. 34. Hegiveth to none fo much, but there is always fomething wanting; and they that have received molt, are capable of receiving more. 3. God will have this Difference for the Beauty and Order of the whole : Va- riety is more grateful. Hills and Valleys make the World Beautiful ; fo do di- ftin& Orders, Ranks and Degrees of men ; all Eye, or all Belly , is monftrous : difference with Proportion; maketh Beauty : therefore one excelleth another , and feveral gifts and ranks there are for the fervice of the whole. 4. That every one in the Sight of his own Wants may be kept Humble. When we are fingular for any Excellency, we are apt to grow proud, and unfociable ; the Eye is apt to fay to the Hand or Foot, I have no need of thee, i Cor. 12. 21. Every man bath fomething to commend him. to the refpe&s of others; therefore God hath fo fcattered his gifts, that every one fhould need another, that we may have the ufe of that Gift which we have not the pe ffeffron of. (r.) To maintain Love and mutual refpe &, and that there might he no Schifm in the Body : The Apoftle faith, Eph. 4. 16. The whole Body compa/led and joined to gether, by that which every part fupplyeth. (2.) Divérfrty of Gifts was molt intended, not to diffolve the bonds of `Union, but to Strengthen them rather ; and therefore the Apoftle when he had reckon- ed up the bonds of Union, he prefently addeth, But unto every one of us is given Grace according to the meafure of the gift of Chivy/ : Eph. 4. y. Firft he fpeaketh of what is one in all, and then of thole things which are not one in all, but divers in every one : Every ono hath his diftin& Excellency, to endear him to the refpe&s of others : Diverfity of Gifts are an ordinary occafion of Divifion and Strife ; Con- tempt, Envy, Pride, Difcouragement arifeth from hence, but in its Pelf one of :the ftrongeft bonds of Union : Whilft all in their way contribute to the good of the whole, and make ufe of that Excellency in another. which themfelves want ; and we mutually communicate to one another our benefits : As divers Countries have divers Commodities, and one needeth another; one aboundeth with Wines, fome have Spices, others have Skins; and Commodities in other kinds, that by Com- merce and Traffick there might be Society maintained among Mankind : So God in his Church hath given to one Gifts, to another Grace,, to maintain an holy Socie- ty and fpiritual Commerce among themfelves. s. V S E, Is to perfwade us to imploy our feveral Talents for God, be they more or left, none are to be idle ; z Tim. z. 6. Stir up the Gift that is in thee, Firft, If we have but one Talent, God expe&s the improvement of it : Adam in Inno- cency had his work appointed him by God. Secondly, Thole that have the reate fl Gifts, fhould not contemn thole that have few or lefs ; and thofe that have few, not envy others that have more ; but be mutual. ly helpful one to another, acknowledging the Wifdom and Goodnefs of God in all that we have. 'Tis a bate Spirit that would fhine alone, or letup one Gift to the pre- judice of another ; Let no manglory, for all things areyours, r Cor. ;. zr. He that laid the World in Hills, and Valleys, 'would not have all Champion and fmooth ground, Prov. 17. r;. z. V SE's