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88 SERMONS upon the S E R M. XI. 2 `0 SE, Give your (elves, and all that is yours to God. Nothing is more rea- fonable than that every one fhould hive his own ; therefore let us confent to Gods propriety, and abfolutely refign our felves to the will, difpofe and ufe ofour Crea- tour : but firft our felves, and then what is ours. SERMON. XII. MATTH. XXV. V. 16, 17, 1S. Then he that had received the five Talents, went and traded with the fame, and made them other five Talents. Likewifa he that had received two, be alfo gained other two. But he that had received one, went and digged in the Earth, and hid his Lords Money. His is the fecond part of the Parable. We have heard of the Ma/lers Di- /lribution, now we fhall hear of the Servants Negotiation how they em- ployed the Talents received. There was a difparity and inequality in the Diftribution, fo in the Negotiation : Two of the Servants ufed their Talents well, the third traded not at all, but went and digged in the Earth, and hid his Lords Money. Among them that ufed their Talents well, there was a difference, but Rill with proportion to what they had received. He that had received five Talents, made them other five : And he a fo that had received two, gained other two. Do&. I. That thafé that have received Talents, muff trade with them for Gods Glo- ry, and the Salvation of their own Souls, and the good of others. Dolt. II. In Trading, our Returns mull carry proportion with our Receipts. Doll. III. Among thole that have received Talents, allare not faithful ; for one hid his Lords Money. For the firft Point, Doff. I. That thole that have received Talents mug trade with them for Gods glo- ry, and the Salvation of their own Souls, and the good of others. I fhall 'firft explain the Point; and then prove it. Firfl, For the Explication or Illuftration, I will enquire, .4. What things are to be be accounted Talents ? 2. What it it to trade with them ? 3. To' whom the gain and Increafe redoundeth ? Firff, What are thefe Talents? In the general, all the things God bath intrufted us with, or any thing that may help to promote the glory of God ; Reafon, Health, Strength, Time, Parts, Interefts, Power, Authority, Wealth, the Mercies. ofhis Pro- vidence , Afilions, Ordinances, Means of Grace ; yea Grace it felf. All thefe are vouchfafed to us freely by God, and may be improved for his glory. There is none' of us but have had many advantages and opportunities put into our hands, of glorifying God, and promoting our owe and others Salvation. Of all it may be