Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

` e Gofpet1llyftery t i..re61. VIe firuetions of thegofpel; and that fuch of them that arechofen,may, in due time, be converted; and that thofe of them that are not truly converted, may en. joy more of the goodnefs of God here, and fuffer the lefs torments hereafter As vile and wicked as the world is, we have caufe to praife and magnify the free goodnefs of God that it is no worfe. DIREC'tION VIè rhfe that endeavour to performfancere Obedience to all the Commands of Chri as the Condition whereby they are to procure for themfelves á Right and Title to Salvation, and a good Ground to trufi On himfor the fame, do feek their Salvation by the Works of the Law, and nit by the Faith of Chrifl; as he is revealed in the Go%el : and theyBall never be able toperm. form fincerey any true holy Obedience by all fuch endeavours EXPLICATION. FOR the undtrflandirg the terma of this direc- tion, note here, that I take falvation as compre- hending ju{tifi'cation, as well as other faring bene- fits ; and fincere obedience as comprehending holy refoiutions, as well as the fulfilling of them. The ft oft of men, that have any fenfe of religion, are prone to imagine, that the fure way to eftablifh the praaice of holinefs and righteouinefs, is to make it the procuring condition of the favour of God, and all happinefs. This may appear by the various falte religions that have prevailed molt in the world. In this way the Heathens were brought to their bell de- votion and morality, by the knowledge of the judge went of God% that thofe that violate feveral of the