Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

fireet. VT. Of SanE`f>cdticon. 103 we feek falvation by ever fo eafy and mild a condition of works, we do thereby bring ourfelves under the terms of the law, and do become debtors to fulfil the whole law in perfection, though we intended to en_, gage ourfelves only to fulfil it in part, Gal. v. 3. for the law is a complete declaration of the only terms whereby God will judge all that are not brought to defpair of procuring falvation by any of their own works, and to receive it as a gift freely given to them by the grace of God in Chrift. So that all that feek falvation right, or wrong, knowingly or ignorantly,. by any works, lefs or more, whether invented by their own fuperftition, or commanded by God in the old or new Teftament, (hall at Taft ftand or fall ac- cording to thofe terms. Thirdly, Sincere obedience cannot be performed to all the commands of Chrift in the gofpel, .xcept it be allo performed to the moral law, as given by Mofes, and as obliging us by that authority. Some afferters of the condition of falvation by fincere obe- dience to the commands of Chrift, would fain be free from the authority of the lawof Mofes, becaufe that ju...ifieth none, but thundereth out a curfe a gainft all thofe that leek falvation by the works of it, Gal iii. to, t I. But, if they were at all juftified by fincere works, their refpe It toMofes' authoritywould. not hinder their fuccefs; for many, that were good Chriftians, accounted themfelves bound to obey, not only the moral, but the ceremonial law; and, if they had fought juftification by any works, they would have fought it by thofe, Alts xx. zo, 21. They knew not of any juftification by fincere works, as corn- manded only in the gofpel; yet, if they had erred in any thing abfolutely neceffary to falvation, the A_ potties would not have tolerated their weaknefs, And, whether they will or no, they muff feek their falvation by the works of the moral law, as given by Motes, or elfe they can never get it by fincere obedi- ence to the commands of Chrift. Chrift never loved