Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dire r a VIa Of Sancî f cation. i 11, it is given after the doing ofgood works, and becaufe it recompenfeth good works, better than any wages on earth can recompenfe the labourer; yet it is a re- ward of grace, not of debt, Rom. iv. 4. it is no pro- per wages, but a free gift : Rom. vi. 24. " For the " wages of fin is death, but the gift of God is eter- " nal life, through Jefus Chrift our Lord." Another thing afferted in the direction, is, that thofe that endeavour to perform this fincere obedi- ence, as the condition to procure a right and title to Chrift and his falvation, íhall never be able to per- form fincerely any true obedience by all fuch endea- vours. Though they labour earneftly, and pray fer- vently, fail frequently, and oblige themfelves to holi- nefs by many vows, and preis themfelves to the prac- tice of it, by the molt forcible motives, taken from the infinite power, juftice, and knowledge of God, the equity and goodnefs of his commands, the falva- tion of Chrift, everlafting happinefs and mifery, or any other motive improved by the molt affectionate: meditation : yet they (hall never attain to the end which they aim at in fuch an erroneous way. They may reftrain their corruptions, and bring themfelves to many hypocritical ilavifh performances, whereby they may be efteemed among arenas eminent faints; but they (hall not be able to mortify one corruption, or to perform one duty in fuch an holy manner as God approveth. Yet here I cenfure only an error, not the lives of the perlons who maintain it. I have heard that Tome preach legally, and pray evangelical- ly. I doubt not but the frame of their hearts and lives is rather according to their prayers than their fermons. Though Peter complied with Judaifm in an outward aet of profeflion ; yet he lived himfelf like a Chriftian, Gal. ii. Y r, a"4. I affirm only, that no godl y perfon did or could attain to godlinefs in this erroneous way. And what a lamentable difap. pointment this to thofe whohave attempted to alter