Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

birea. VI. Of SanE1 catiam- 113 holyScriptures. I have made it appear, that anhear. ty propenfity to an holy practice cannot be attained without force good perfuafion of our reconciliation with God by juftification, and of our everlafting happinefs,andof fuñicient ftrength bothto will and to perform our duty ; and that thefe and all other en- dowments neceffary to the fame end, are to be had only in Chrift, by union and fellowfhip with him; and that Chrift himfelf, with all his fulnefs, is unit- ed to us by faith ; which is not a condition toprocure a right and title to Chrift, but an infl:rurnent where- by we receive him actually in our hearts, by truft= ing on him for all falvation freely promifed to us in the gofpel. All tiefe means of an holy praaice, are things wherein our fpiritual life and happinefs doth confift ; fo that, if we have them, everlafting life is begun in us already ; and becaùfe they are the ne- ceffary means of an holy practice, therefore the be- ginning of everlafting life in us mutt not be placed after fuch a practice, as the fruit and confequence of it ; but mutt go before it, as the caufe before the effect. Now, the terms of the law are directly con- trary to this method. They place the praetice of holinefs before life, and make it to be the means and procuring caufe of life ; as Paul defcribeth them, Rom. x. 5 " The man that doth thefe things, {hall " live by them." By thefe terms, you are firft to do the holy duties commanded, before you have any intereft in the life promifed, or any right to lay hold of it, as yours, by faith. And you mutt praaife holinefs without the fore.mentioned means, or elfe you can never attain to them. Thus the true means are turned out of their office 5 and in- ftead of being caufes, they are made to be effeels and fruits of an holy praaice. And it will be in vain ever to expea filch effe&s, and fruits; for ho- linefs itfelf, with all its effects, mutt. needs be de 4troyed, when its neceffary caufes are taken away. Therefore the Apoftie Paul teftifieth, that the way. A'