Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. VI. Of SanRi acat cn. t i pnan in the world, becaufe it debars him from lay- ing holdof theonlyeffe ualmeans ofholinefs,where by that pepper-corn may be obtained. 2dly, Thofe that 'leek falvation by the works of the law, do therein ad according to their natural (tate. Theyliveand walk according to the flefh, or old man; not according to the new (tate, by Chrift living in them. I doubt not but feveral of them that live under the light of the gofpel, are partakers of a new (tate in thrift, and do walk holily in it; but the belt in this world have in them flefh as well as fpirit, and may as according to either (tate in forne meafure : and in this matter they doaft onlyaccording to their car- nal natural flare. When the believing G.ilatians were feduced to a legal way of falvation, the Apt.f -- tle Paul chargeth it upon them as their folly, that, having begun in the Spirit, they would now be " made perfeft in theflefh," Gal. iii. 3. Andhe refem bleth thofe that delire to be under the law, to Abra- ham's fon born of Hagar the bond- woman, to thew, that fuck do walk as thofe that " are born after the flab, not after the Spirit," Gal. iv. 19. 23= 29. The lawwas firft given to Adam in his pure natural flee, to prefcribe terms for his continuance in the happinefs which he then enjoyed. And, ever fince that time, the tleth, or natural man, is married to the law, and the " law hath domirtioaf over a man r' as long as he liveth," i. e. until he be dead to his flefhly (tate by the body of Chrift, and married tohim that is railed from the dead, Rom. vii. a, .. We are not at all under the law as a covenant of works, ac- cording to our new (tate in Chrift ; as the Apoftle tettifieth, Rom. vi. " Ye are not under the law, " but under grace :" and Gal. v. a 8. If ye be led " by the Spirit, ye are not under the law." From. hence we may firmly conclude, that none can polfi- hip attain to true godlinefs by afing according to le- gal terms ; becaufe I have fully proved already, that it is impofiible to be godly while we are in ' ó, : flefh, A