Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa VI. of Sa0.7Xcation. 123 7thly, The end which God aimed at in giving the law to Mofes, was not, that any fhould ever attain to holinefs or falvation by the condition of perfect OT fincere obedience to it ; though, if there had been any fuch way of falvation at that time, it mull have confided in the performance of that law, which was then given to the church to be a rule of life, as well as a covenant. There was another covenant made before that time with Abraham, Ifaac and Jacob, a covenant of grace, promifing all biefl-ings freely through Chrift, the promifed feed, by which only they were to be faved. And the covenant of the law was added, that they might fee their fnful- nefs, and fubjection to death and wrath, and the im- poífibility of attaining to life or holinefs by their works, and be forced to truft on the free promife on- ly for all their falvation, and that fin might be re- (trained by the fpirit of bondage, until the coming of that promifed feed, Jefus Chritt, and the more plentiful pouring out of the fanetifying Spirit,byhim. This the Apoftie Paul íheweth largely, Gal. iii. is, 24. Rom, v. 20, 21. and x. 3, 4. None of the Ifrae- lites under the Old Teftament were ever faved by the Sinai covenant ; neither did any of them ever attain to holinefs by the terms of it. Some of them did indeed perform the commandments of it fincere- ly, though imperfectly : but thofe were first juftifi- ed, and made partakers of life and holinefs, by vir- tue of that better covenant made with Abraham, I- faac and Jacob, which was the fame in fubftancewith the new covenant or teftament eftablifhed by the blood of Chrift. Had it not been for that better co- venant, the Sinai covenantwouldhaveproved to them an occafionof no happinefs, but only of fin, defpair and deftruction. Of itfelf it was only a killing letter, the miniftration of death and condemnation ; and therefore it is now abolifhed, 2 Cor iii. 6, 8, g, i r. We have caufe to praife God, for delivering his church, by the blood of Chrift, from this yoke of Q,2