Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. Vdt. Of Sanëlificafion. 327 cleanfed their fores, and fhifted off t =heir filthy rags, and fwarms of lice. Chrift would have us to believe on him that juftifieth the ungodly; and therefore he Moth not require us to be godly before we believe, Rom. iv. 5. He carne as a phyfician for the fick, and doth not expea that theyfnould recover their health, in the leaft degree, before they come to him, Matth. iv. 12. The vileft finners are fitly prepared and qua- lified for this defign, which is, to fhew forth the ex- ceeding riches of grace, pardoning our fins, and fav- ing us freely, Eph. ii. 5, 7. For this' end the law of Mofes entered, that the " offence might abound ; " that fo where fin abounded, grace might much " more abound," Rom. v. 20. He loved us in our moft loathfome finful pollution, fo as to die for us"; and much more will he love us in it, fo as to receive us when we come to him for thepurc'hafed falvation. He bath given full fatisfaCtion to the juftice of God for finners, that they might have all righteoufnefs, and holinefs,and all falvation only by fellowfhip with him through faith. Therefore it is no affront to Chrift, or (lighting and contemning the juftice and holinefs of God to come to Chrift, while.we are pol- luted finners ; but rather it is an affronting and con- temning the faving grace, merit and fulnefs ofChrift, if we endeavour to make ourfelves righteous and ho= ly before we receive Chrift hitnfelf, and all righteouf- nefs and holinefa in him by faith. Chrift lothed not to touch a leper, and condefcended to wash the feet of his difciples, and did not expecrì that they fhould be waffled and perfumed beforehand, as fame great ones of the world are faid to do, when they wafh the feet of poor men in imitation of Chrift. thirdly, Thole that receive Chrift withanunfeign. ed faith, (hall never want a wedding - garment to a, dora them in the fight of God. Faith itfelf is very precious in the fight of God, and moft holy, 2 Pe- ter i. 1. Jude verfe 20. God loveth it, becaufe it giveth the glory of our falvation only to the free-