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i 3irea vu. Of San ij,i cation. i 20 itfelf, they are fruits and confequences of faith; and therefore they cannot be rationally expeeted before we truft on Chrift for our falvation, ill, They think it neceffary to repent before they believe on Chrift for their falvation, becaufe repent- ance is abfoluteiy neceffary to falvation, Luke xiii. 3. " Except ye repent, ye (hall all likewife perifh ;" and Chrift placeth the duty of repentance before faith, Mark i. r5. " Repent, and believe thegofpel." But we are to know, that Chrift requireth repent- ance firft as the end to be aimed at, and faith in the next place, as the only means of attaining to it and though the end be firft in intention, yet the means are firft in practice and execution, though both be ábfolutely necefTary to falvation. For what is repent- ance, but an hearty turning from fin to God and his fervice ? and what way is there to turn to God, but through Chrift, 66 who is the way; the truth, " and the life ; without whom none cometh to the " Father ?" John xiv. 6. and what way is there of coming to Chrift, but by faith ? Therefore, if we would turn to God in the right way, we muff firft tome to Chrift by faith ; and faith mutt go before repentance, as the great inftrument afforded us by the grace of God, for the effeE'tual performance of it. Repentance is indeed a duty which finners owe naturally to God 9 but the great queftïon is, How ¡hall finners be able to perform it ? This eitieftien is refolved only by die gofpel of Chrift, Repent and believe. The way to repent, is, to begin with believ- ing. Therefore the great doctrine Of John, in his baptifm of repentance, was, that they fhould believe in him that thould corrte after him, that is, on Chrift Jefus, Alts xix. 4. 20, Regeneration aleo is neceflary to falvation; John 3. and therefore many would find it wrought in themfelves before they truft on Chrift for their falvation. But confider what regeneration is. It is á new begetting or creting us in Chrift, a Cor. ivo R