Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direct. VII. O f SanEli. cati©n: 1 3 1 per, that fo they may make their peace with God, and truft fecurely on Chrift for his falvation. But all refolutions of that kind are vain and hypocritical, fooner broken than made. Thofe that know the plague of their own hearts, do find that their mind is enmity unto the law of God and Chrift, and can- not be fubjeC1 unto it, Rom. viii. 7. and that they can as foon remove a mountain, as give up them- felves fincerely to obedience, before they truft on Chrift for his falvation, and for the gift of a new heart, whereby they may be enabled both to will and to do any thing that is acceptable to God. We thould have been fufficiently obliged to all obedi- ent purpofes, refolutions and refïgnations, if Christ had never come into the world to fave us ; but he knew that we could perform nothing holily, except he made us firft partakers of falvation, and that we (hall never obey him as a Law- giver, until we receive him as a Saviour. He is a faring Lord ; truft on him firft to fave you from the guilt and power of fin, and dominion of Satan, and to give you a new fpi- ritual difpofition ; then, and not till then, the Iove of Chrift will conftrain you to refign yourfelf hear- tily to live to him that died for you, 2 Cor. v. 14. and you will be able to fay, with an unfeigned refo- lution, 't O Lord, truly I am thy fervant, I am thy cc ferrant, and the fon of thy hand-maid: thou haft 6' loafed my bands, Pfalm cxvi. 163." 4thly, It feemeth to them evident, that forne good works are neceWary, before we can truft on Chrift fafely for the forgivenefs of tins ; becaufe our Savi- our teacheth us, that if we forgive not men their trefpafes neither will our heavenly Father forgive our trefpafes ; and direaeth us to pray, " Forgive 4, us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, Matth. " vi. t a, t s " Reftitution alto was to be made of things wrongfully gotten from others, before the fa- cramental atonement was made by the trefpafs-offer- ing, Lev. vi. s, 7. I anfwer, This is fuf dent to R a