Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

reE . VIL (fSanE7jj cation. Y33 daringto apply the çonfolations of thegrace ofGod in Chrift to their wounded confciences. Let perplexed fouls mark the particulars, and obferve whether the condition of their own fouls be reached in any of them. " O thou afflicted, toiled with tempefts, and aß not comforted," what good qualifications are they that thou wouldft have, that thou mayeft be encour- aged to lay hold on Chrift for falvation ! It is likely thou wilt anfwer, in the bitternefs of thy foul: "O " let me have brit force love to God and godlinefs " in mine heart, and freedom from mine hateful g' heart- rifings againft him and his fervice ! Let me e_' have forre good thoughtsof God, his juftice, mer- cy, holinefs, that I maybe able to juftify him tho' 6' he damn me, and that I may not be filled with " murmuring and hellith blafphemies in my mind r' againft him. Let the raging of my lufts be abat- " ed, and the finking kennel of my wicked heart a ¶' little cleanfed. Let me have forne holy reverenti- " -al fear of God, and not only a pannic tormenting " horror. I would be more eff'eoted with the wrath e' of God, and not be of a fighting heedlefs fpirit. I i' woùld be more humbled for fin, lothe it, and be a- c' flamed pf, and be forryfor it with a godly forrow, not merely becaufe of the punifhment, but becaufe " it grieveth and vexeth the Holy Spirit of God. I " wouldbe able to make awilling and ingenuouscon - à' fe.ffion of fin, and to pour out my foul to the Lord B' in lively afl'eEtionate prayer for forgivenefs, and to 6' praife and glorify him heartily, and not be like a 46' Bone in the duty of prayer, as I am." Are thefethe things thou defireft, Opoor diftreffed foul? The belt reply I can make for thy fpeedy comfort, is, to inform thee, that the things are good, but thy defires are not well timed. It is unreafonable for thee to exitt4 thefe holy qualifications, whilft thou art in tly natural ftate, under the guilt of fin, and the ap- pre lion of the wrath of God, before thou haft re çeiv he atonement, and the new fjnritual life that