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Direa. X. ofSanaificaiioi fejoiceth and worketh righteoúfnefs, flat. lxiv. 5. He Will be ferved withgladnefs and tinging, ashe thew.; ed by the type of variety of mufic, and great num- bers of muficiant in the, temple of Chrift fpeaks to ùs by his gofpel, that his joy may abide in us, and that our joy may be full, John xv i i. No forrow is ap- proved of by God, except godly forrow, which can never be in us without fomé comfort of the love of God towards Us. They that are offended at the un:. omfortablenefsofareligious life, never yet knew the true way of religion ; elfe they would find, that * the ways of wiflorn are ways of pleafantnefs, and 4 all her paths peace" Prov. iii. i 7. inktCTION That we may be prepared by the Conforts of the Gofpel toperformfincerely theDuties oftheLaw, we mufi get feme Afurance of our Salvation, in that very Faithwhereby Chrta hinfef is re- ceived into our Hearts : therefore we mull en- deavour tó believe on him confidently, perfuad, ing and attiring ourfelves, in the Ad ofbeliev- ing, that Godfreely giveth to us an Interefl in Chryi and his Salvation, according to his gra.¡ dotes Prom¡fe: EXPtle IT evident, thit thofe comforts of the gofpelt that are neceffary to an holy praaice, cannot be truly received without forne affurance of our intereft in Chrift and his faIvation ; for forne of there com- forts confift in a good perfualion of our reconcilia- tion withGod, and of our futaire heavenlyhappinefs, and of itrength both to will and to do that which U