Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direst XI. of SanEl,jtcation. 189 on him for his own falvation, which is infeparably joined with the grace of faving faith. Though the Spirit worke,h other duties in us by faith; yet he worketh faith in us immediately by hearing, know- ing and underftanding the word : " Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God," Ro. x. 17. And in the word he maketh no abfolute pro- mife or declaration, that he will work faith in this or that unbelievingheart, orthat he will giveffrength to believe to any one in particular : or begin the work of believing in Christ ; for faith itfelf is the firft grace whereby we have a particular intereft in any faring promife. It is a thing hidden in the fe- rret council and purpofe of God concerning us, whether he will give us his Spirit and faring faith, until our election be difcovered by our believing ac- tually. Therefore, as foon as we know the duty of belicving,,we are to apply ourfelves immediately to the vigorous performance of theduty, and, in fo do- ing,wefhall find that theSpirit ofChrift hath ftrength ened us to believe, though we know not certainly, that he will do it before hand. The Spirit cometh indifcernibly uponJhe eleCt, to work faith within them; like the wind that where it lilts, and none knowethwhence it cometh, and whither it go- eth, but only we hear the found of it, and thereby- know it when it is paff and gone, John iii. 8. We muff therefore begin the work, before we know, that the Spirit loth or will work in us favingly; and we shall be willing to fet upon the work, if we be Chrift'a people ; for 6G Thy people than be willing in the day " of thy power," Pfalm ex. 3, It is enough that God difcovereth tous before hand in the gofpel what faith is, and theground we have, to believe on Chrift for our own falvation ; and that God requireth this duty of us, and will help us in the performance of it, if we apply ourfelves heartily thereunto : " Fear is not, I command thee, be ftrong, and of good cou- is rage, Joshua i. 6. Arife, and be doing, and the