Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direst. XI. Of Sanc`ïlcaticn. 795 own condition ; yea, when we have found out the worft that we can of ourfelves, we muff be willing to believe, that our hearts are deceitful, and defperate- ly wicked, beyond all that we canknow and findout, fer. xvii. y. This is all neceffary, to work in us true humilia*ion, felf-defpair, and felf.lothing, that we may highly efteem, and earneftly feek the falvation of Chrift, as the one thing neceffary. It maketh us lick of fin, and fenfible of our need d'f the great Phy- fician, and willing to be ordered according to any of his prefcriptions, whatfoever we fuffer, rather than to follow our own wifdom, Matth. ix. 12. It was for want of this humiliation that the Scribes and Pharifeeswere not fo forward to enter into the king- dom of heaven as the publicans and harlots, Matth. xxi. 3 T. x. You are to believe affuredly, that there is no way to be faved, without receivingall the Paving be- nefits of Chrift, his Spirit as well as his merits,,fanc- tification as well as remiffion of fins, by faith. It is the ruin of many fouls, that they truft on Chrift for remiffion of fins, without any regard to holinefs ; whereas thefe two benefits are infeparably joined in him, fo that none are freed from condemnation by Chrift, but thofe that are enabled to walk holily, i. e. not after the flefh, but after the Spirit, Rom. viii. a. It iS alfa the r tin of fouls, to feel( on rep - if Pion of fins by faith in Chrift, and holinefs by our endeavours, accordingto the termsof thelaw; where- as we can never live to God in holinefs, except we be dead to the law, and live only by Chrift living in us by faith. That faith which receiveth not holi- nefs as well as remifionof fins fromChrift, will ne- ver fanUify us; and therefore it will never bring us to heavenly glory, Heb. xii. 14. 3. You are to be fully perfuaded of the "allafuf- " ficiency of Chrift for the falvation of yourfelf, and of all that believe on him ; that his blood cleartf- " eth from all fin," r John i. 7. Though our fins ,ke 13 b ä