Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

195 ?'he Gfpel-Myflery Iaireci. XI. if you come, you !hall he accepted as well as any o- ther in the world. You are to believe that great article of the creed, the remifi'ion of fins, in your own cafe, when you are principally concerned, or elfe it will little profit you, to believe it in the cafe of others. This is that which hinders many brokers wounded fpirits fromcoming to the great Phyfician, when they are convinced of the abominable filthinefs of their hearts, that they are dead in fin without the leaft fpark of truegrace and holinefs in them. They think that it is in vain for fuch as they are, to truft on Chrift for falvation ; and that he will never fave fuch as they are. Why fo ? they can be but loft creatures at worft ; and Chrift came to feek and. fave thofe that are loft. If they that aredead in fin, cannot be faxed, then all mutt defpair and perith ; for none have any fpiritual life, until they receive it by believing on Chrift. Some think themfelves to be worfe than any others, and that none have fuck wicked hearts as they: and thou/ others be accept- ed, yet they fhall be rejeaed. But they fhould know, that Chrill came to fave the chiefof finners, r Tim. i r g. And that the defign of God is to Thew the ex- ceeding riches of his grace, in our falvation, Eph. ii. 7. which is moft glorified by pardoning thegreateft finners And it is but our ignorance, to thinkotr- felves like nobody; for all others, as well as we, are naturally dead in trefpaffes and fins; their mind is enmity to God, and is not fubjea to his law, nor in- deed can be, Rom. viii. 7. and every imagination of the thoughts of their hearts are onlyevil, and con- tinually fo, Gen.. Ti. gr. they have all the fame cor- rupt fountain of all abominations in their hearts, though we may have exceeded many others in feve- ral a .tual fins. Others think that they have out- flayed their time, and therefore now they fhould find no place for repentance, though they fhould feek it carefully with tears, Heb. xii. i 7. But, behold now is the accepted time ; behold, now is the day of fat-