Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

298 the Ga pel-Myfdery DireE. XIV. to get our pardon by works, nor as bond fervants, to earn our meat and drink ; but as fons and heirs, walking towards the full pofeffion of that happinefs to which we have a title; and fo we have much bold- nefs in God's prefence, Gal. iv. 6, 7. lATe can ap- hroach nearer to God than others, and walk before im confidently, without flavifh fear; not as ftrang- ers, but as fuch who are of his own family, Eph ii. 19, zö. And this prompts us to do greater things than others ; walking as free men, Rom. vi. 17, 18. John viii. 35, 36, It is a kingly way; the law to us is as a royal law of liberty, and our privilege; not a bond and yoke of compulfion. . It is, the way only of thofe that are honourable, precious in the eyes of theLord, even his eleI and redeemed ones, whofe fpecial privilege it is to walk therein :. no unclean beaft goeth there, Ifa. xxxv. 8, 9. No carnal man can walk in this way, but only thofe that are taught of God, John vi. 44, 45, 46. Nor would it have come into our hearts without di- vine revelation. 5. The preparing this way coft Chrift very dear. It is a cooly way, l eb, x. 19, 20. r Pet. iii. 18. 6. It is a good old way, wherein thou mayeft follow the footff.eps of all the flock. 7. It is the way to perfeUion. It leads to fuch holinefs, which (hall, in a while, be abfolutely per- fea. It differs only in the degree and manner of ananifeftation, from the holinefs of heaven ; there the faints live by the fame Spirit; and the fame God is all in all, i Cor. xv, 28. John iv. 14. and have the image of the fame fpiritual man, t Cor. xv. 49. Only here we have but the firít fruits of the Spirit, Rom. viii. 24. and live by faith, and not by fight, a Cor. v. 7. and are not full grown in Chrift, Eph, iv, i 3. Sanaification in Chritl, is glorification bc- &un, as glorification is fanCification perfected.