Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dina. U. Of SanE1; cati n. 31 denounced againft it, Gen, ii. r 7. and that It is Maintained in us by the guilt of fin, and the curff of the law; and that fpiritual life will never be givei us, to free us from that dominion, except this guilt and curie be removed from us; which is done by ac tual júRification, Gal. iii. 14 Rom. vi. tq. And this is fufficient°to make us defpair of living to God inholinefs, while we apprehend ourfelves tobe under the curie and wrath of "God, by reafon of our tranf- grefions and fins ail! lying upon us, Ez. xxxiii. t o. Thirdly, The nature of the duties of the law is filch, as requireth an apprehenfion of our reconcili- ation with God, and his hearty love and favour to- wards us for the doing of them. The great duty is love to God with our whole heart, and not fuch a Contemplative love as philofophers may have to the 'objets of fciences, which they are concerned in no further, than to pleafe their fancies in the knowledge of them ; but a practical love, whereby we are will- ing, that God fhould be abfolute Lord and Gover- tor over us and all the world, to difpofe of us and all others according to his will, as to our temporal and `everlafting condition, and that he Ihould be the on- ly portionand 1iippirfefs of all thofe that are happy ;. à love whereby we like every thing in him as he is bur Lord; his juftice as well as any other attribute, without willing or defiring that he were better than 'he is; and whereby we defire that his will may be done upon ùs, and' all others, whether for profperi ty or àdverfity, life or death; and whereby we can heartily praife him for all things, and delight in our 'Obedience to him; doing his will, though we fut.: fer that which is ever fo grievous to us, even prefent death. Confider thefe things well, and you may eafily perceive, that our fpirits are not in a fit frame for the doingof them, while we apprehend ourfelves tinder the curie and wrath of God, or while we are under prevailing fufpicions that Godwill prove an tnerny to us at lat . glavifh fear may extort fume