Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dire!. II. Cf San!7fl ation. 43 that they cannot be fincerely and uriiverfally prac- tifed without this endowment. That this endow- ment muff be prefent in us, is fufficiently proved already, by all that I have faid concerning the ne -- cefl'ity of the perfuafion of our firm reconciliation with God by our juftification, to prepare us for this practice ; becaufe that includeth a perfuafion of this future happinefs, or elfe it is of little worth. All that 1 have to add here, is, that fincere obedience cannot rationally fubfift, except it be allured, en- couraged and fupported by this perfuafion. Let me, therefore, fuppofe a Sadducee believing no hap. pinefs after this life, and put the queftion, Can fuch an one love God with his whole heart, might and foul ? Will he not think it reafonable, rather to leiTen and moderate his love towards God, left he fhould be over much troubled to part with hint by death? We account it mofi reafonable, to fit Toole in our affeftions from things that we mutt part with. Can fuch an one be fatisfied with the enjoyment of !God as his happinefs? will he not rather account, that the enjoyment of God, and all religious duties, are vanities, as well as other things; becaufe in a lit- tle time we (hall have no more benefit by them, than if they had never been ? How can fuch an one be willing to lay downhis life for the fake of God, when, by his death, he muff part with God, as well as with other things? How can he willingly chufe afflictions rather than fin, when he fhall be more miferable in this life for it, and not at all happy hereafter ? I grant, if aflìiEtions come unavoidably upon fuch a perfon, he may reafonably judge, that patience is bet- ter for him than impatience; but itwilldifpleafehim, that he is forced to the ufe of fuch a virtue ; and he will be prone to fret and murmur at his Creator, and to with he had never been, rather than to endure fuck miferies, and to be comforted only with vain tranfitory enjoyments. I think I have laid enough to thew how unfurnifhed fuch a man is for holinefs Ii 2