Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

pima. TIT. Of Sanktjz"catzon. 53 tween Chrift and believers, is plain in feveral places of Scripture, affirming that Chrift is, and " dwell- eth in believers, and they in him, John vi. 56. " and xiv. 20. and that they are fo joined toge- ' titer as to become one fpirit, t Cor. vi. 17." and that believers are members of Chrift's body, of his flefh, and of his bones ; and they two, Chrift and the church, are " one fiefh, Eph. v. 3o, 31." Furthermore, this union is illuftrated in Scripture byvarious refemblances, which would be very much unlike the things which they are made ufe of to referable, and would rather teem to beguile us by obfcuring the truth, than inftruft us by illuftrat- ng of it, if there were no true proper union be- tween Chrift and believers. It is refernbled by the union between God the Father and Chrift, John xiv. 20 and xvii. 21, 22, 23. between the vine and its branches, John vv. 4, 5. between the plead and body, Eph. i 22, 23. between bread and the eater, John vi. 5 t, 53, 54. It is not only refem- bled, but fealed in the Lord's Supper ; where nei- ther the Eopiíh tranfubitantiation, nor the Lutherans confubftantiation, nor the Protestants fpiritual pre- fence of Chrift's body and blood to the true receiv- ers, can Rand without it, And, if we can imagine that Chrift's body and blood are not truly eaten and drunk by believers, either fpiritually or corpo- rally, we fhali make the bread and wine joined with the words of inftitution, not only naked figns, but fuch figns as are much more apt to breed fade no- tions in 'us than to eftablifh us in the truth. And her is nothing in this union fo impoffible, or re- pugnant to reafon, as may force us to depart from the plain and familiar fenfe of thofe Scriptures that exprefs and illtaftrate it. 'Plough Chrift be in hea- ven, and we on earth, yet we can join our fouls and. bodies to his at fuch a diftance, without any fub- ítantial change of either, by the fame infinite Spirit dwelling in him and us ; and fo our flef'a will. be-