Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

56 ?he Gbfpel-Hillery ì ireEt. III; prove it, t afTert, that our union with Chrift is the caufe of our fubje6ticin to Chritt as a political head. in all things, and of the abiding of his law, (loc. trine, grace, falvation, and all godlinefs in us, and of our agreement with him in our minds, and affec- tions ; and therefore it cannot be altogether the fame thing with them. And this affertion is ufeful for a better underiianding of the excellency of this union. It is not a privilege procured by our fincere obedience and holinefs, as force may imagine, or a reward of good works, referved for us in another world ; but it is a privilege beftowed Upon believers in their very firft entrance into an holy ftate, on which all ability to do good works doth depend, and all fincere obedience to the law doth follow after it, as fruit produced by it. Having thus far explained the direaion, I (hall now (hew, that though the truth contained in it be above the reach of natural reafon, yet it is evi. dently difcovered to thofe that have their under ftandings opened, to difcern that fupernatural reve. lation of the myfterious way of fanFtification which God hath given to us in the holy Scriptures. Firji, There are feveral places in Scripture that do plainly exprels it. Some texts Phew, " that ail " things pertaining to our falvation, are treafured " up for us in Chrift, and comprehended in his fut. 6' nefs ;" fo that we mutt have them thence, or not at ail, Col. í. 9. " It pkeafed the Father that in hint 't thould all fulnefs dwell." And, in the fame epiftle, Col. íi. t t, 12, 13. the Apoffie theweth that the holy nature whereby we live to God, was firft produced in us by his death and refurre&ion: "In CC whom alfo ye are circumcifed in putting off the 4C body of the fins of the fteth; buried with him; if quickened together with him, when you were dead in your fins, Eph. i. 3. Who bath bleffed us with all fpiritual bleflings ha heavenly places