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g -1g The Gojpel IG7yflery Pima. ILL us, and received from Chrift : but that we receive them by union with Chrift : Col. iii. to, r i. " ye as have put on the new man, which is renewed of. " ter the image of him that created him : where Chrift is all and in all. 1 Cor. vi. 17 He, that is " joined to the Lord, is one fpirit. Gal. ii. 20.1 1c live ; yet not 1, but Chrift liveth in me. r John v. r I, 12. This is the record, that God hash giv. " en to us eternal life ; and this Iife is in his Son. " He that bath the Son, bath life : and he that a' bath not the Son, hath not life." Can we delire that God fhould more clearly teach us, that all the .ulnefs of the new man is in Chrift ; and all that fpiritual nature and life whereby we live to God in holinefs ; and that they are fixed in him fo infepa- ¡ably, that we cannot have them except we be joined to him, and have himfelf abiding in us? Take heed, left, through prejudice, and hardnefs of heart, you be guilty of making God a liar, in not believing this eminent record, that God bath given to us of his Son. Secondly, God is pleafed to illuftrate this myfte- rions manner of our fandification by fuch a variety of fimilitudes and refemblances, as may put us out of doubt that it is truth, and fuch a truth, as we are highly concerned to know and believe. 1 {hall en- deavour to contract the chief of thefe refemblances, and the force of them briefly into one fentence; leaving it to thefe that are fpiritual, to enlarge their meditation upon them. We receive from Chrift a new holy frame and nature, Whereby we tare enabled for an holy practice, by union and fel- lowfhip with him ; in like manner, 1. As Chrift lived in our nature by the Father, John vi. 57. 2. As we receive original fin and death propagated to us from the firft Adam, Rom. V. 12, 14, 16, 17. 3. As the natural body receiveth fenfe, motion, nourifhment, from the head, Col. ii 19. 4. A. the branch receiveth its fap, juice, and fructifying