Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dire. V. Of SanElj£cation. 83 confifteth in fuch things as we have either received by natural generation, or can attain to by natural power through divineafliftance; as the Scripture call- eth man in this Rate the natural man, a Cor. ii 14. The former I call a new Rate, becaufe we enter in- to it by a new birth in Chrift : and I may call it a fpiritual Rate, according to the Scripture ; becaufe it is received from Chrift the quickening Spirit: and the natural and fpiritual man are oppofed, i Cor. ii. '14 15. though force call both thefe Rates fpiritual, becaufe the everlafting weal or woe of the foul or fpirit of man is chiefly concerned in them. It is a common error of thofe that are in a cor- rupt natural Rate, that they feek to reform their lives according to the law, without any thoughts that their Rate muff be changed, before their lives can be changed from fin to righteoufnefs. The Heathens, that knewnothing of anew Rate in Chrift, were urged by their on confciences, to prae`tife feveral duties of the law, according to the knowledge they had by the light of nature, Rom ii. 14, t g. Ifrael, according to the fle(h, had a zeal of God and godlinefs, and endeavoured to praefife the written law, at lea(t in external performances, while they were enemies to the faith of Chrift. And Paul at- tained fo far, that he was blainelefs in thefe external performances of the righteoufnefs of the law, while he perfecuted the church of Chrift, Phil. iii. 6. Some are fo near the kingdom of God, while they continue in a natural (fate, that they are convinced of the fpi- rituality of the law, that it bindeth us principally to love God with all our heart, foul, mind and ffrength, and to love our neighbour as ourfelves, and to per- form univerfal obedience to God, in all our inward thoughts and affetions, as well as in all outward actions, and do all the duties that we owe to our neighbour, out of this hearty love, Mark xii. 33, 34. And they ftruggle and labour, with great earneft- nefs, to fubdue their inward thoughts and affections La