Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. V. Of SanE?fcation. SS. and of fuch as had the name of Chriftians without any acquaintance with the faith that 1 have defcrib- ed, who have attained to a great excellency in reli- gious words and works. My work at prefent is, to deliver thofe ignorant . zealots from their fruitlefs tormenting labours, by bringing them to defpair of the attainment of holi- nefs in a natural five, that they may feek it only in a new fate by faith in Chr.itt, where they may certainly find it, without fuch tormenting labour and anxiety of fpirit. For this end, I [hall confirm the truth afferted in the direction, and fortify it a- gatnit the fore-mentioned faife opinions, by the en- fuing confederations. Firfi, The foundation of this ailertion is firmly laid in the directions already explained, and con- firmed by many places of Scripture. For, if all en- dowments neceflary to enable us for anholy practice, be tobe had only in a (fate of union and fellowíhip with Chrift by faith, and faith itfelf, not by the na- tural power of free-will, but by the power of Chrift, coming into the foul by his Spirit, to unite us with himfelf ; who feeth not, that the attainment of true holinefs by any of our molt vigorous endeavours, while we continue in our natural condition, is alto- gether hopelefs? I need add no more, were it not to íhew more fully what abundance of light the Scrip- ture affordeth to guide us aright in this part of our way, that thofe who wander out of it, by follow- ing any falte light of their own, or other corrupt- ed judgements, may find themfelves the more in- excufeable. Secondly, It is evident, that we cannot pr_3aife true holinefs, while we continue in a natural [fate; bec. ufe we mutt be "born again of water and of the ec Spirit, or elfe we cannot enter into the kingdom " of God, John iii. 3, 5, and we are created in Chrift a4 Jefus unto good works, which God hath before