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72 The Gofpel o, f the perfonal Types. would not believe one Word he faid So Men account Preaching Foolilhnefs, I Cor. i. Hence thofe complaints of Chrift and his Mef- fengers, Ifa. 49. 4. 1 have laboured in vain, 1 have [pent my Strength for nougbt, and in vain In his own perfonal Miniftry and teaching we read not of very many that were converted by him. To the Apo- ftles he gave more Succefs ; but yet the Converted ones were butfeu), in comparifon of the unconverted, unbelieving World. 2. Noah was a Type of Chrift in retardof his laving thore that did believe his Preaching, from the common Deluge and Deftruaion. Hence the Notation of his Name Noah ; it lignifies Refi : Chrift is Reit, and the only Reft of the Soul, Mat. tr. 3o. Gen. 5. 29. He /hall Comfort vs, becaufe of the Curfe laid upon the Earth. Not upon the Earth only, ( as the blind Papifts Dream, and therefore love the Filh better than the Flefh ;) but the Earth is put for the whole Creation, TheEarth, the Sea, and all the Elements, and all that is therein; yea, the Sun, the Moon and Stars are not excluded out of the general Curfe and Bondage of the Creatures : The Apoftle faith, the whole Creation fuf- fers and groans, Rom. 8. 22.. The ancient Dominion over the Creatures was in part reftored, when they came together peaceably in the Ark : The firft Blefling of Propa- gation and Dominion had its Charter renewed and confirmed, Gen. 9. 9. Now Noah was an Inftrument to remove this Curfe in part, to repair the Ruins of the Old World, and rettore it to a better State : Some he did fave out of the Common Ruines, r Pet. 3. zo. fo doth Chrift reftore and 4ve loft and fallen Mankind, i Pet. 3. 2.1. by the Refurrealon of Chrilt. This being a main thing wherein Noah was a Shadow, let us in- quire and fearch into it More fully : For where the Scripture gives us a general hint, that fuch a thing was a Type, we may fafely inquire ; yea, we ought to inquire, and fearch out the particulars wherein the Analogy lies. Now this, viz.. Noah's typical raving the World includes divers Things. There were divers real Types belonging to the Hifto ry of this perfonal Type. As, I. Noah's Ark. 2. The Deluge. 3. The Waters thereof. q. His acceptable Sacrifice. I. The Lord'sCovenant with him ; and the Rainbow the Sign there- of. All which had their typical Significations. For, z. Noah's Ark was a Type of the Church. z. The