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TheGospel of theperfonal Types. 73 z. Deluge Of the Day of Judgment, and the everlafting Salvation of fame, and Deftruaion of others. typified the Waterof Ba 3. The Waters that bare up the Ark ptrfm. 4. Noah's Sacrifice was a Type of Chrift's Sacrifice. g. His Covenant, with the Rainbow the Sign thereof, a Type of the Covenant of Grace. i. The Arkwas aType of the Church. Some have accommodated the Ark as a Type a little otherwife ; but this is the clearest. TheAnalo- gy may be made out in many particulars, which force have done with much Ingenuity, whichbecaufe it feems to be Solid as well as Ingenious, I shall toyou : I fay the Analogy may appear in thefe Ten Particulars. r. Noah built the Ark according to the Mind ofGod ; and he was in it brim ¡tfwhen it was tofJ'ed, "and floated upon theWaters, Gen. 6. 22. accord- ing to ad that God commanded, fodid he. So Chrift buildeth the Church in perfeáFaithfulnefs to his Fathers Will, Heb. 3. 2, 3. He was faithful tohim that appointed him, as alfo Mofes was faithful in all his Houle : And He is in it, in all the Floods and Troubles of his Church and People to the endof the World, Ifai. 43. z. when thou paffeft through the Waters, Iwill be with thee, Matth. 28. 20. Lo, I am with you alway even to the End of the World. The Church is refembled bya Ship : So Ifai. 54. r r. O thou tolled withTempefts. Here the Church is compared to a Ship in a Storm : And there aremany things belonging to a Ship, refembling fomewhat in the Church. The Pump, Repentance. The Sails Affections. Wind the Spirit. The Rudder, the Word -- 2. The Workmen and Carpenters that built it, were drowned tbemfelves. So carnal Minifters may be instrumental for good toothers, of faving others, and yet not faved tbemfelves. It is a scruple which force Chriftians are exercifed with, the Minifier by whom they have received good to their Souls proves an Apofiate ; hence they question the Work they have found by his Minifiry. Now I confefs, that ordinarily God Both not blefs the Labours ofcrickedMinifiers; but yet fometimes he doth : As in the building of Solomon's Temple, nia- ny had todo with it, who werenot truly godly : So it is in fpiritual building there was a 7udas, a Demas, Matth. 7.22, 23. r Cor. 9. 27. For the Efficacy of the Ordinancesdoes not depend upon the Inftrument ; but upon the Infitution and Blessing of God. 3. The Materials of the Ark : Noah takes many Trees out of the Woods, cuts them down, compaCs them, joyneth them together ; and they mull be bowed and fitted and joynted : So Chrift in building his L Church ;