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78 The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. that which the Apoftle faith, Heb. 7. 3. that he was made like unto the Sonof God, and abideth a Prieft continually : Afmilatiss, or gerens fimi- litudinem. Some Controverfie there is, who this Melchizedek was ; and diffe- rent Opinions there are. The Papifts have very roving Conjeaures about it. He was not Chrif6 himfelf; becaufe he is faid to be made like unto the Son of God, Heb. 7.3. but no Mau is faid to be like himfelf: For fi militude is between two. That he was not an Angel, or an Appearance of God, but a true and real Man, may be proved by this Argument ; becaufe every Prieft is taken from amongft Men, Heb. 5. T. but Melchizedek was a Priest. And the Scripture fpeaks of him as a Man : For it mentions the Place where he dwelt, viz. at Salem; which mutt needs be underftood Hi- ftorically, becaufe there is no reafon to conftrain us to run a Meta- phorical Senfe. And, whereas force Objet, there was no Man then fuperior to A- braham in Faith and Holinefs : But Melchizedek was greater than Abraham. Some anfwer it thus ; Nonfanciitate, red dignitate prefertur Abrakr. For that Abraham was but an inferiour Perfon, whereas Melchizedek was King and Prieft in Salem. But we may anfwer further. That there might be force more emi- nent than Abraham ; force of his godly Anceftors, who were aged and experiencedSaints, as Sem, for Inftance, might towards the end of their Lives be more eminent than Abraham was in his Youth ; of Sheen it is certain by the Genealogies, Gen. r i . that he was yet living : and he was the greateít Perfon then in the World ; yea greater than Abraham, as being one of his Progenitors and Anceftors. Therefore many do Conje&ure that Sem was this Melchizedek : And indeed the Conjeaure is not improbable ; tho' for any certain Demon- Itration it is not tobe expeáed, becaufe the Lord hath purpofely con- cealed who he was, to the end he might be a more illuttrious Type of Chrift, appearing as it were like a Man fallen down from Heaven, and deftinated to that end. Qeeft. Wherein was Melchizedek a Type of Chrift ? Antra. In regardof the Eternity and Excellency of his Perfon and Of- fice, both as King and Prieft. There be four particulars here included. He was aType. t. In regard of his Kingdom. He is called Melchizedek, which the ;Apostle interprets King of Righteoufnefs, Heb. 7.2. So Cbrift is King of