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The Gofpel of the bierTonal Types. of his Church, and King of Righteoufnefs, Pfal. 45. 6, 7. King of Salem, which liignifies Peace. It is thought to be the fame City which was af- terward called jerufalern : So Chrift was King of 5'erufalem, Zach. 9. 9 and King of Peace, 1f1. 9. 6. My Peace I leave with you, John tq., 27. Mic. 5. 5. ?his Man(hail be oar Peace Peace that paffeth all Vnder- ftanding---and Righteoufnefs firft, then Peace, Ifa. 32. 17. ?he Fruit of Righteoufnefs ¡hall be Peace : Otherwi,fe, thou Malt have no Peace from Chrift, milers he ,give. thee Righteoufnefs firft ; both imputing his own Rigllteoufnefs:,for Juftifin ion , to, thee ; and infufing the in- herent Righteoufnefs of Sancîification into thee ; He will not create Peace.for thee: 2. In regard of his Pritftbood. Melchizedek was Prieft of the molt high God, Gen. 14.18. Heb. 7.1. fo is Chrift bQth King and Prieft. This was extraordinary in Melchizedek, that he might be the more glorious Type ; God did not ordinarily allow it : The Houfe of Aaron had not the Kingdom; the Houfe of David had not the Priefthood: They might not intermeddle in the Prieft's Office; King Vzziah was fmitten for it : But Melchizedek was both. 3. In that Shadowof Eternity which the Story in Genfts doth caft up- on him. He is there brought in as a greater Perron than Abraham theFather of the Faithful : But neither his Birth nor Death mention- ed, neither his Father nor Mother, without either beginning or end of Days, Heb. 7. 3. It is not meant, that he was fo really, but only in facred Hiflory, and in a Type or Shadow : For it is impoffible for any Creature to be without beginning, that is an eìTential property of God ; Novitas effendi eft- de EffentiaCreaturæ. And that Melchizedek was a Creature, and not God, was proved before ;. becaufe he was Prieft and King of Salem ; and every Prieft is taken,from amongft Men, de Ration Sacerdotis eft.ut ¡it verus borno, It is an£fièntial requilte in a Prieft, that he be indeed a Man : Melchizedek therefore was a Man but yet Eternal, Typically and in a Figure. Chrift is called a Prieft for ever, Pfal. t to. 4. and of Mekhizedek the Apoftle faith, he abideth a Prieft continually, Heb. 7. 3. You (hall never have caufe to fay, My Friend, alas my belt Friend is dead For he bath an everlafting Priefthood, and lives for ever to intercede and make mention of ti ou to the Lord, Heb..7, 25. 4.. In regardof his Pre-eminence and Excellency above Vide,1y mow of all other Mena Behold howgreat this Man was, Heb. chriPs Priefi1 °f.° he was greater than Aaron the Pricft of the Lord,; yea fee' r`rá ó ea-` greater than Abraham the Fore- father of ..4aron. He was greater than Abraham, as in other refpeas So in. there threeo- a. In