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8a The Gofpel of theperfonzal Types. r. In that he bleffed Abraham, Gen. 14. to. Heb. 7.7. and without Contradiction the left is blefed of the greater : So Chrift bleffeth us, Luke 24, 50, 5t. All our Bleffings are through him ; he is the Fountain of Bleffing. 2. In that Melchizedek did refrelh Abraham and his Army, Gen. 14, IS. and Melchizedek King of Salem brought forth Bread and Wine, that is ( as the Old Note well explains it ) for Abraham and his Soul dier's Refrefhment, and not to offer Sacrifice : So Chrift refrefheth his Church with the Word and Sacraments, Mat. t t. I will giveyou Raft, or I will refrefh you, Ego reficiam vos. 3. In that Melchizedek did receive an homage and acknowledgment of Tythes from Abraham, and from Levi and Aaron in his Loins. Thus they paid their Refpe&s to him, Gen. t4. 2o. Heb. 7.4.9. whe- ther of his Spoils, or of his Goods, it was the tenth part. Some have gone fo far from this, as to infer, that we ought to give unto Chrift the tenth part of our Goods, as well as the feventh part ofonr Time. But to let that pafs : Certain it is, that weought to give fomefit Pro- portion of our Mates unto God for his life and Service. And as he was herein greater than Abraham ; fo likewife greater than Aaron, and the Aaronical Order. Melchizedek's was an higher Order in many Refpeas, largely opened in that 7th to the Hebrews: Vfe. This that bath been faid concerning Melchizedek as a Shadow of Jefus Chrift aWords the greater Encouragement to believe, andCom- fort to them that do believe in the Lord Jefus Chrift. Encouragement, having fuch an High Prieft, thou maift fafely ven- ture thy Soul upon him. Comfort, that fo great a Perron is thy Saviour. True, thou art unworthy ; but his Worth and Excellency is enough to preponderate andoverballance all thine unworthinefs. He is both a King and a Prieft for ever after the Order of Melchizedek : and if thoudolt accept of him as thy King to rule thee, thou maift fafely te- ll and reft upon him as thine High Prieft to juftifie and reconcile thee to °rots `Father. Aug, *1667. Of the individual Perfonal Types that werebefore the Law, there be four yet remaining to be fpoken to. You have heardof Adam, Enoch, Noah, Melchizedek, how they were Types and Figures of him that was to come. It remains, to fpeak of Abraham, Ifaac, 7acob andfofàph. i. Abraham ; As the Apoftle faith of Melchizedek inother refpeás, fIsb. 7. 4. fo we may fay of Abraham ; Confider bowgreat this Alan wosa