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The Gofpel°of the perfonal Types. 87 into fecret hidden Myíi:eries. It was faid of him by Pharaoh, Can we find fucb a Man as this is, in whom the Spirit ofGod is ? Gen. 41. 38, and forafmuch as God loath fhewed thee all this, there is nonefo diftreet and wife as thou art. So in Chrift are hid all the Treafures of Wifdom and .Knowledge, Col. 2. 3. He received the Spirit without Meafure, Joh. 3.34 He is the wonderful Counfellor, Ifa. 9.6. the wonderful Numberer, Dan. 8. 13. the true Palmoni, or numberer of Secrets. And as for Holinefs, fofeph was tempted by his Miffrefs to bodily Adultery, but he refitted and overcame the Temptation : So Chrift was tempted to Idolatry (which is fpiritual Adultery,) but overcame the Tempter, Mat. g.. And Believers alfo are viéìorious through him. Thanks be to God who giveth ass the fz(tory through our Lord 7efiss Chrift, 1 Cor. 15. 37. 2. In regard of his Sufferings, both from his Brethren and from. Strangers alfo, his Miftrefs and other Egyptians. His Sufferings were 'very grievous, the Archers forelygrieved him, and(hot at him, and hated him, Gen. 49. 3. It is faid, the Irons entred into his Soul, Pfal. ios. 17, 18. So Chrift did fuller grievous things from the Jews, his own Bre- thren and Countrymen, and from the Romans, thofe Spiritual Egyp- tians. He came to his own, but his own received hint' not, Job. 1. 11. but they delivered him up to the Romans :. See Calvin on He was a N it as were, feparate from his Bre- Matsb, cap. 2. °er. ult. thren, Gen. 49. 26. Deut. 33. 16. And what moved them to this ? It was, for that of God that was in him. The Patriarchs . moved with Envy, fold Jofeph into Egypt, AFt. 7.9. So it is faid of Chrift, that Pilate knew, that for Envy they had delivered him, .Mat. 27. 18. They hated him efpecially, for that he by Divine Vilons and Reve- lations told them, that he should be exalted, Gen. 37. 8. So the Jews fought the more to kill the Lord Jefus Chrift, becaufe be not only had bro- ken the Sabbath, as they thought, but Paid alfo that God was his Father, making himfelf equal with God, Joh. 5. i 8. If we let him. alone,"you'l fee all Mengo after hün, Joh. I I. 48. And when did they do this In}ury to yofph ? It was when he was (hewing Kindnefs, and doing Good to them : For his Father had feat him to feek and vi:t hisBrethren in the Wildernefs, Gen. 37. 13,, 14. Then they confpire againfi him, and call him Dreamer, fell him fiit twen- ty Pieces of Silver to the Ifhmaelites, and they to the Egyptians, w$ieru he is falfly accufed, condemned and put in Prifon. So Chrift is from Heaven by his Father into the Wildernefs of this World, tovi his Brethren the Sons of Men ; but Yuda5 and the Jews confpire agài i