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86 The Gofpel of theperfoi!lal Types. 2. Yacob was alto a Type of Chrift in regard ofhis wreftling and e- vailing with the Lord. When he was tomeet Efau, he betakes hm- felf to Prayer that night, and prevailed ; from whence he got the Name of !Rae', Gen. 32. 28. and he Paid, thy Name (hall be called no more Jacob, but Ifeeael : For as a Prince thou haft power with God and with Men, and hall prevailed, Hof. Ta. 4. Yea, he wept and made Sup- plication unto him. So Chrift often, and particularly the Night before his Sufferings, lieb. 5. 7. Who in the Days of his Flefh, when be had of fered up Prayers and Supplications with f rong crying and Tears unto him that was able to fave him from Death ; and was heard in that he feared; for he had that which was equivalent. You knowhis Agonies in Pray- er that Night, when he Paid, Father if it be poJJible, let this Cuppafs from me; nevertheleR not my Will, but thy Will lie done. Tea he livesfor ever to intercede, Heb. 7. 25. 8. The Taft perfonal Type, that is now to be fpoken to, is Yofepb. The Hiftory of Yofepb in the latter end of Genets is a very admirable and an affeaing Hiftory. In Poems and Romances, to pleafe and af- fe6t the Mind, Men take liberty to feign ; yet they come far fhort of this which was a real Hiftory. It is true Yofph is not fo exprefly men- tioned in the NewTeftament as a Type of Chrift, as Abraham, Ifaac and Yacob are; but the Analogy is fo clear and full, that we cannot well omit him. Yofeph mult's modis Figuram Chrifli geftavit, vel potins viva fuit ejus Imago, faith Calvin in Matth. 2. ult. The Analogy is marvellous clear in fundry particulars ; I fhall but inflame in four Things,, whereinhe was (as the Apoftle fpeaks of another eminent Type) made like unto the Son ofGod. i. In his perfonal Qualifications and Endowments of Wifdom and Holinefs. 2. In his Sufferings. 3. In his Advancement. q.. In his Carriage towards his Brethren. a. In regard ofhis perfona! Qualifications and Endowments. fojeph may be fitly numbred amongft the Types of Chrift ; for he was very emi- nent both as toWifdom and Holinefs. As for Wifdom, he had a Prophetical Light fhining in him, from whence Pharaoh gave him that honourable Name Zaphnathpayaneab, a clear Revealer of Secrets, Gen. 41.45. the Egyptian Language, though not the fame with the Hebrew ; yet had fome affinity with it. The firft Word Tfopnatb Secretum comes from 10g recondidit ; The other payaneacb is thought to be a Compound of two Words, from 3) cla- nit, and MOduxit placide,,ofeph was eminent for leading by the Hand into