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The Gof'iel of the perfonal Types. 4, Yofph Applies all their wants, makes Provifion for them every way He gives them their Corn, without taking their Money ; wafhes them, fets them at his Table, and feeds them, Gen. 43. 16, 33, 34. gives themViauals and Chariots for their Journey, with a Charge not to fall out by the way, chap. 4.5. 19, 24. And finally placeth them in Go- Pen, in the belt of theLand, there to dwell, till they fhould go to Ca- naan, the Land of Promife, cap. 47. 1 i. Jefas Chrift doth all this in an higher way. He gives us all the good we need, and that freely, without Money, or without price: He wafheth and cleanfeth us inwardly by his Spirit, as well as outwardly by the Water of Baptifm ; feeds us at his Table, not only with bodily, but with fpiritual Food ; gives us his Ordinances as Chariots ofSalvation to bring us to himfelf, and Signs and Sealsof his Love to us, and of our Love to him, and to one another. It is his great Commandment to his Difciples, to love one another : And finally he plants us in Go/hen here, . in a Rate of Light and Grace, till we come to the heavenly Canaan, to a Rate of Glory. Thus doth our true yofph provide for us. 5. Yet after all this, they hadfome fecret fears and doubtingsofhis Love; whereupon they feek Pardon of their former Sins but he gives them renewed affurance of it, to quiet their fears, and fettle their doubting thoughts, through the remembrance of their own Guilt, and Sins a- gainft him, Gen. 5o. 15. 21. So poor Souls, when Chrift hath fpo. ken Peace, yet therebe oftentimes fome fecret fears and doubts remain- ing, or returning upon them again, after all his appearances ; when he appeared unto them again in Galilee ; as Mattb. 24. t 7. it is faid, and when theyfan' him, they worfhipped him, but force doubted. But in fuch as are the Lords, thefe fears and doubts fet themupon the renewed ex- ercife of Grace, refleaing and fearching their own Hearts and Ways, and feeking Pardon of former Sins : And in this Way, the Lord re- news hisLove, and gives themnew and frefh Evidences and further af. furance of it, and bids them fear not:;. and fo quiets their, Hearts again, as Yoftpb did his Brethrens.. Who is the Type or Figure of him than Aug. 22. is to comes Rom. 5. 14. 1667. H E individual Perfons that wereTypes of Chrift havebeen referred ji unto twoOgres. i. Such as were before the Law. z. Such as were annder the Lam