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The Gofpel of theperfonal Types. 91" The typical Perfons that were before the Law have been fpoken to. We arenow to proceed (as the Lord (hall enable) unto typical Perfonsaan.. der the Law, and they were many and divers. I (hall not mention all but only (as in the former fort) forne of the chief and molt illuftrious of them. And becaufe the Nature of the Matter will not only bear it ; bat Both partly lead unto it, none of them giving a full and perfet Reprefentation of the Meffiah ; and there being fomething of Connexion remarkable in the Hiftories and A&ions ofdivers of them ; I (hall therefore put them together in pairs, or in feveral Conjuntions and Conflellations, as it were, whereby they will yield the greater luttre, and give a more clear and full Reprefentation of that glorious Perron whom the Lord ordained and deuigned them to reprefent ; like the Galaxia in the Heavens, which Philofophers conceive to be a Conjuntion or Conglobation of many teller Stars fhining together, which gives that luttre, which we call the Via latea, the milky way in the Heavens. The conjoyning or putting of them thus together will be force help both toyour Underftandings and Memories. Now there were four eminent Conjuntions or Conflellations, as it were (for I know not well what fitter Word to exprefs it by) of Per- fans who (hone like bright Stars in the Night, in thofe darker times under the Law, before the Sun of Righteoufhefs himfelf arofe with Light and Healing in his Wings. The firft is Mofes and yoJhua : Whereof the one delivered them out of Egypt, the other brought them intoCanaan ; a Shadow bothof the evil we are faved from, and of the good we are poffeffed of by him, who is the true Mofes and Yofhua. The fecond Conftellation or Conglobation of typical Perfons is Samfon, David and Solomon, all which three put together, give a. bright and glorious Reprefentation of Jefus Chrift ; Samfon in his Death and Sufferings, David in his Viaories and Conquefts, Solomon in the Peace, and quiet Eftablifhment of his Kingdom. The third is Elijah, Elifha and fonah, three Prophets ; the firft whereofwas an illuftrious Type of Chrift's Afcenfion, the fecond of the Continuance of his Prefence and Spirit in his Apoftles and Minifters ever fince (for the Spirit of Elijah did reft upon Elifha,) And the Death of Chrift, which was the procuring caufe both of his Afcenfion, and the Effufion of his Spirit, is fhadowed forth in Yonah. The fourth and lait that I (hall fpeak to, is Zerubbabel and Yehofhua ; one whereof was the Prince, and the other the High Priefl, and both Rebuilders of the Temple, and Reftorers of the collapfed Eftate of the Church of God in thofe times. N a a. Firff