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BOOKS Printed for N. Hillier, at thePrince's Arms in Leaden-ballfireet, over againfi St.Mary-Axe. TH E Righteoufnefs ofGod, byFaith upon all, without Difference who believe, In Two Sermons on Rom. 3.12. Preached at the Merchants Leaure at Pinner's-hall, Quarto. A Difcuflion of the Lawfulnefs of a Paftor's titling as an Officer in otherChurches, betides that towhich he is efpecially called to take the Over-fight of. In Twelves. Twenty three felea Sermons, preached at the Merchants Leaure, at Pinners-ball, and in Lime-fireet ; wherein feveral Cafes of Confcience, and other weighty Matters arc propounded and handled, In Oaavo, AU Three by the Yudicioms and Learned Mr. Nath. Mather. A praaical Difcourfe of God's Sovereignty, with other material Points deriving thence, viz. of the Righteoufnefs. OfGod. Of Eleai- on. Of Redemption. Of efFe&ual Calling, and of Perfeverance. By Elf/ha Cole, InOaavo, the Fifth Edition. The Throne ofGrace difcourfed of, in Thirteen Sermons from Heb. 4. 16. By the Reverend Mr. Robert Trade In Oaavo. A Learned and Accurate Difcourfe of Guilt of Sin, Pardon of that Guilt, and Prayer for that Pardon : Written fome 'Years fince, by the ReverendMr. 7ho Gilbert, lately deceafed at Oxford, In Oaavo, The Divine Inftitution of Congregational Churches, Minifters and Ordinances, as has been profeffed by thofe of that Perfwafion, afferted and proved from Scripture, In Oaavo An Effay to the Interpretation of the Angel Gabriel's Prophcy, de.; livered by the Prophet Daniel, Chap. 9. Verf 24. In_Oaavo. Chrifi's Afcenfion to fill all Things ; In a Sermon at Horfly-down, In Oftavo, All Three by the Reverend Mr. Ifaac Chancy. Scripture Proof for finging Scripture Pfalms, Hymns and fpiritual Songs, By E. H. In O&avo. A Defence of the glorious Gofpel of the bleffed God, attempted againft the New Law : With an Anfwer to Thirteen Arguments of Mr. Barret for it, By the late Reverend Mr. Yobn Ryther of 1Votting- barn, In O&avo. The Sinner's Jultification, or the Lord our Righteoufnefs : Deli- vered in feveral Sermons, By ObediabGrew, D. D. late Milliner of the Gofpel at Coventry. The Second Edition, In Twelves. The Marrowof modern Divinity, touching the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace, with their Ufe and End ; clearly defcrib- ing the Way to Eternal Life by Jefus Chrift. By E. H. The Ninth Edition. In Twelves. The Conqueft and Triumph of Grace, in an Account of the Con- verfion of the Indians. By Matthew Mayhew. In Twelves.